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Sep 11, 2008 05:21 PM

New Year's Eve in Sienna

My mom, sister and I are leaving for Italy to visit family in Pisa. Before getting there, we're going to spend a couple of days in Florence and then meeting cousins for New Year's Eve in Sienna. Any suggestions for a New Year's Eve experience in Sienna? We're all in our late 30s/mid 40s (and Mom, of course!) so nothing TOO wild! Thanks!

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  1. What a great place to be!

    Now, this is one of those frustrating replies. About 15 years ago, my wife and I stayed in a winery that is about 20 miles North of Sienna. Alas, I have forgotten the name but it was very upscale and part of the Relaix et Chateau group. They had taken half the houses on the property and made them into hotel rooms. The other half they left for the workers so, you'd go out at night (we were there in mid Nov) and be able to mingle with families that worked on the vineyards before going down to "the Greathouse" for dinner. And the dinner.....and the wines were superb! They even had a spectacular chamapgne-style white.

    They also had a wonderful infinity pool, although on New Years, I suppose that's out of the question.

    I'll try and rack my ancient brain for the name, but maybe you can find it on the Net. Or maybe you already have a hotel spot in Sienna (great place!) and can find something closer. We had lunch in Sienna several days, mostly little MOM&POP places. NEVER had a bad meal!

    1. Ok you made me go down into my moldy basement where we keep those pre-Internet sources of information - books!

      I think it was called Relais Borgo San Felice address 1-53019 Castelnuovo Berarddenga possible phone (0577) 35.92.60

      Even if you can only get out there for lunch (if they serve lunch), it is a delightful once-in-a-lifetime type of place and the scenery around there is stupendous. Although, I can't vouch for January scenery. There is a nearby castle that is open to visitors

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        I've found their website and I'll contact them when we get there.