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Sep 11, 2008 05:16 PM

Great Mexican in Union County, NJ

Hi, I'm looking for a really terrific mexican restaurant. Not fancy, just delicious. No Qdoba, BajaFresh business. We're in Westfield and willing to drive a little bit, but looking for a gem. Anyone have any bright ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Jose'e Mexican Cantina in New, Providence. It's quaint, dark & cozy and the food is quite tasty. Not a chain either!

    1. Picante on Morris Ave in Springfield. Terrific and pretty authentic. It's a little pricey, but you can eat-in or take-out.

      263 Morris Ave
      Springfield, NJ 07081
      (973) 467-0004‎

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        Thanks for the suggestions! As an aside, if anyone ever opens this thread, we tried Jose's last night. It was truly dreadful. There is no reason it should be as crowded as it is-- slow, horrible service and food that was awful and overpriced. That said, you never know till you try, so I appreciate the reco. That said-- don't go there!

      2. this is in essex county, but not too far afield, so i thought i'd mention it. it is a hole-in-the-wall place called los braceros on scotland road in orange, just south of the 280 overpass. it is the best mexican we've had in nj. no alcohol, but you can byob. their chillequillas (i'm sure i'm misspelling that) and sopes are great and a nice change of pace from the usual mexican assortment of tacos and enchiladas.

        i'm not a fan at all of picante (i know a lot of people who rave about it, but i found it to be bland, bland, bland) and jose's in new providence didn't knock my socks off either.

        1. This is the third time I'm posting this! My previous posts got deleted mid-typing. Arrrgh... one more time, and apologies is this shows up multiple times!

          I work in Elizabeth, NJ and often go to La Cabana on the corner of Jacques St. and Elizabeth Ave. My husband is from Mexico and he really enjoys their food. He actually looks for excuses to visit me at work so we can eat there. I enjoy their huevos rancheros. My husband says their moles are more authentic than what he's had at other restaurants. Beware their guacamole though, I find it kind of bland and disappointing. Added bonus: their is a municipal parking lot just down the street so you don't have to try to park on Elizabeth Ave.

          If you're willing to drive to the Edison/New Brunswick area, let me know. There are a TON of Mexican restaurants that serve the large Mexican community. I've been to most of them, so if you're interested in places in Middlesex County, let me know and I'll post or e-mail.