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Sep 11, 2008 05:11 PM

Keep Out!!!!!!!! Tell us your secret stash and how you protect it

Every family has at least one person who does this. Sometimes you want a little cache of edibles that is for you alone. It's all yours, not for sharing, and it's incredibly comfortable knowing that it is there. My mom always had a candy bar in her purse and a bag or two of pepperidge farm cookies. My grandmother had some hand dipped chocolate ice cream and orange sherbert from the drug store. It came in a cardboard container like chinese take out. And no one touched it but her. It was her little after dinner treat. My aunt Mary had a plastic container of hersheys syrup. Her five kids knew it was hands off or else! Right now I have half a cheese steak with mushrooms in my fridge all wrapped up in a brown paper bag with" keep out" and a skull and cross bones drawn on it with a magic marker. And heaven help whoever eats it before i get home tonight! So 'fess up! I know I'm not alone. Or tell us how unfair this practice is, why the chowhound motto should be share and share alike! No cache unpillaged!

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  1. Nothing wrong with a little skull and cross bones! When I lived at home, I would use either a radioactive or bio-hazard warning sticker from a hospital on my stash. It usually worked. I mean, how fair is it when you go to leave for school and the restaurant dinner you saved for lunch is gone? When I had a roommate who was going through my orange juice like water, I bought a half gallon dark brown plastic jug that film photographers use for developer. Roomie never opened that jug! I never really had to worry about my homemade cake frosting stash, though.

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      My mother used to keep a hershey bar wrapped in foil in the freezer and labeled it "liver". No one ever touched it!
      I sometimes keep a stash of m&m's in a drawer in my bedroom but my son found it recently. I'm thinking of putting a mouse trap inside the bag next time.

      1. re: lillydaisy

        People who grew up in South Asian households might recognize a pan-box. Many households have ornate little boxes used for storing betel nuts / pan / chewing cloves for after-dinner consumption. I grew up with a mom who'd hide cookies and other sweets in our pan-boxes, and of course most treats would absorb the overpowering smell and would taste like pan.

        This topic reminds me of a college roommate who used to keep his...*ahem*..questionable computer files... in a folder labeled 'math homework'. Surely no-one will click there!

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          The vegetable crisper drawer fools 'em every time. I've also been known to hide Reese's Cups in a plastic bin under my bed.

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            Well, not every time. I tried hiding the last beer in the crisper under some aging broccoli and my husb found it with no trouble!

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        1. Everything I love and don't want to share I order "extra extra spicy". Since few people like spicy food to the extent that I do, people who know me, know to stay away. I do find it humorous when I'm at work and find out someone has stolen my lunch... it's always pretty easy to figure out who it is.

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          1. re: Spends Rent on Food

            Awesome! That reminds me that it is not always parents hiding stashes from the kiddies. My friend John has trouble with his parents snacking on his leftover pizza. He orders it with extra garlic to ward them away. Last time it didn't work! I can hear him now howling in despair as he looked in the fridge. "They ate it anyway!!!"

            1. re: givemecarbs

              It's actually for the same reason that I drank only Southern Comfort in college. No one else would go near my precious stash.

          2. I used to operate a plant nursury. The girls who worked for me would always drink up
            my herbal ice tea until I started labeling it Prostrate medicine. They never touched it

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            1. re: paul balbin

              >>Or tell us how unfair this practice is, why the chowhound motto should be share and share alike!

              No way. H/D creme brulee is mine and mine alone. I don't care how many I have, it's all mine, mine, mine.

            2. I have a stash of chocolate bars. It's in a pantry cupboard in my basement, and everyone who knows me knows that to touch it is to dance with death. I do keep a few things in there that my guy likes, and that I don't particularly care for, like Snickers, Twix and Mr. Big bars, but he'll just say, "Babe, do you have any chocolate?" and I say "I'll surprise you" and go get him something. He doesn't go in that pantry!