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Sep 11, 2008 05:06 PM

White Marsh , Maryland

I have to be in the White Marsh area of Maryland (about 30 min north of Baltimore?)

So I am looking for casual restaraunt rec's in that area.

While tempted to go into Baltimore proper (have been there many times before and know my options better there!) -- I probably won't get a chance this trip anyway.........

So HELP????? in the White Marsh area would be much appreciated.


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  1. There's always the'll find it right off 43 and Honeygo Blvd. There's an assortment of decent restaurants there and it's outdoor mall thing is kinda cute. Della Roses and Red Brick Station are two of the better, and then you have the flip side - DonRicardo's (yuck) and Chili's....but by far the best at the Avenue is Kobe - japanese steakhouse with teppanyaki and great sushi. Pricey, but really quite good.

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    1. re: ladida

      Ladida, have you been to Kobe lately? IMO it has really gone down hill with the quality of the ingredients.

    2. I second Kobe. I'm not a fan of Red Brick, but I love Della Rose's. It is a sports bar tho and usually quite loud.

      If you head up Honeygo Blvd, you will find a new shopping center. They have Manhattan Grill and Liberatore's which are both really good.

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        About 10 minutes away on Route 40 east is the Williamsburg Inn. FoiGras

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          FoiGras -

          You did mention Williamsburg Inn more than once. I drove by that place many times for that favorite liquor store just a mile or two north on Pulaski Highway. What do they serve at Williamsburg Inn? Any special dishes?

          1. re: Guten Appetit

            My recollection is that it's your basic meat and potatoes old style restaurant. The food is good but not memorable.


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              Guten---The Williamsburg Inn has excellent Imperial Crab, roasted prime rib, liver and onions, crabcakes, crab soup, fried oysters, as Denise mentioned "basic meat and potatoes" type of restaurant. I believe it's better then the chains that are on the Avenue at White Marsh. The quality is consistent. It may not be in the league of the trendier restaurants in downtown Baltimore, but it has good food and attentive service.

              The liquor store that you may be thinking of is Midway Liquors. One of my favorite places. BTW, it is one of the few liquor venues that is open on Sundays and has extended hours. FoiGras

              1. re: FoiGras

                Midway also has the best prices around. Are they actually inside Harford County? I know all liquor stores in Harf Co are open on Sundays, but I'm pretty sure the line is a little further up, just before the Joppatowne shopping center. hmm...

                1. re: carey24

                  Midway liquors is not in Harford County. They are open on Sundays because they have a bar attached to them in the back of the building. Midway is great, I buy all of my booze there. Was just there Saturday, Stan helped me pick out a great mixed case of wine, mixed cases get 15% off.

          2. re: carey24

            I think Liberatore's is a great choice. Great Ceaser salad.