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Sep 11, 2008 03:56 PM

Doughmonkey Closing - DFW

Hate to report it but it looks like Doughmonkey is closing for good. Here is the link to the Dallas Food Forum:

It makes me very sad to think I will probably never have those Snickerdoodle Cookies again or any of their incredible chocolate cakes.

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  1. OMG!!! This is horrible news, I only hope they will resurface soon! No wonder all the flags are at half mast today....

    1. Already posted my goodbye on Eats Blog. Sad news I thought Rhonda and Mike could make it and keep it going during these tough times.

      1. Aghh!!! I hate to say it but I bake a lot and use only the best ingredients like Doughmonkey. I always feared that their commitment to quality ingredients would make it hard for them to compete with bakeries using far inferior ingredients and charging cheaper prices. I never minded paying the price because the stuff was so darn good. I am very sad that they are closing. We should find out where the owner is going, e.g. pastry chef at a restaurant? At least Society Bakery is still open, but that's like comparing apples and oranges. Doughmonkey has the best cookies, tarts, and anything chocolate. Hands down.

        Sad day for the dining scene. I hear Kitchen 1924, Kirby's Plano, New San Dor (Chinese), 62 Main, The Grotto, and Alessio's closed it's doors within the past few months. These were good restaurants. Several Bennigans, Steak and Ale, and Plano Tavern closed. I've never been to these places, but they are part of the Metromedia Restaurant group based out of Plano.

        1. According to their website, Friday and Saturday will be the last days of Doughmonkey. They'll be closed today (Wednesday) and Thursday and will open at 10am Friday. Doors close for good Saturday at 5.

          I really wish I had a chance to catch on to this place earlier, it wasn't until I signed up on chowhound that I found out about Doughmonkey. I live in North Arlington and work out of Fort Worth, so I rarely get a chance to come in. Last week, I made it a point to go twice and bought up all I could find. Their offerings are so amazing, and that's with a limited supply. I can only imagine what goodies they had to offer prior to this.

          I do wish Rhonda and the Doughmonkey team the best.

          1. They're replenishing their stock as they sell out. Everyone should go. The patric chocolate raspberry cupcake is one of her best flavor combos in my opinion. I was worried that with the stress of the day, quality might be dimished. In my experience today, which is quite a bit unfortunately, nothing is below par, but actually consistently better. If you've never been, take some time today or tomorrow to see what you missed.