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Sep 11, 2008 03:35 PM

Need side dish ideas

In a few nights I'm planning to make shrimp and bacon club sandwiches (like the one at Cheesecake Factory), and I need a side dish to go with it. At CF I get mashed potatoes with it, but I'm already doing mashed potatoes with pot roast next week, so I need something different. What do you think?

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  1. Corn chowder is the first thing that comes to mind... (corn & bacon yummm) otherwise if you're sticking with potatoes just roast them or do roasted sweet potatoes instead of a simple mash.

    HTH :)

    1. A salad with corn, avocados, onion, maybe black beans?

      1. Or some kind of coleslaw. I'm thinking Napa cabbage, celery seeds, blue cheese dressing, carrot slivers. Maybe caraway seeds instead of celery seeds.

        1. Get some butternut squash, or maybe Kabocha, then either steam or roast it in chunks (steaming=milder flavor, roasting=more intense, your choice) and then peel and mash that with lots of butter, salt and pepper. I like to throw in a little mace or nutmeg, too.

          A succotash made with green beans and scraped-off kernels of fresh corn would be very good with those, too. Even the usual (around here) version with frozen baby limas, good canned corn and almost too much butter would be nice if those other things weren't in season.

          1. I thought of coleslaw too...but add some crushed pineapple or diced apple to it

            For a different take on Potato, you could do some Obrien-type

            For color, how about a corn and black bean salsa?

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              I'd like a slaw with mango. That would be nice with shrimp and bacon!