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Sep 11, 2008 02:15 PM

pink or green peppercorns?

I bought both pink and green peppercorns because they looked so fun and because I thought I had seen some recipes for color specific peppercorns. Of course once I brought them home I didnt find said recipes and now just have pretty peppercorns! I realize i could just use them like regular pepper but do you all have any insight into complimentary flavors? any recipe ideas? i should never be left alone in a spice shop....

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  1. Pepper is like olives, it changes color over its lifespan before it is picked so many peppercorns of different colors are the same thing picked at different stages of maturity and will have nearly the same taste (in a dish with many ingredients any differences will probably go unnoticed)

    The major use of having different colored peppercorns is for different colored foods, for instance white pepper is often used in creme sauces so they stay white whereas black pepper would be noticeably visible. In a similar way red pepper could be used in a tomato sauce, and green could be stealthily added to a pesto.

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      Please note pink peppercorns are NOT pepper. Here's a quick link to a description
      they do not taste like pepper - not nearly as strong. Ive always been leery of them since reading that they (like mangos) are related to poison ivy, but we were served a fair number in italy last summer, and suffered no ill effects.
      green peppercorns are the unfermented fruits and taste somewhat different from black or (decortinated) white. Id say the flavor is not as strong and full. Im assuming you have bought the dry rather than brined green peppercorns which they use some in SE asia as well as france.

    2. Green pepper goes very well with wine/cream sauces (I usually make mine with low-fat crème fraîche or yoghurt). If you like duck, for example, I posted this recipe a few days ago:

      1. here's the link to a recipe for an appetizer of feta cheese with pink peppercorns. It gets great reviews. I have not tried it but it's on my list.

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          yum! and feta is my fave too. tried this last night and it was a hit. next up green peppercorns with cream sauce. thanks everyone!

        2. They're both pretty when sprinkled whole over white or dark chocolate chili truffles, especially around the holidays (I don't use them for the ganache inside, however - I use ancho/cayenne/chipotle for that).

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          1. re: Claudette

            I've never tried those but my favourite things that I love sprinkling crushed black peppercorns on is potatoes, mushrooms and putting the peppercorns whole in soup (not everyone likes it, but I do, and my mom mentioned how it was "fun" once)

            How about experimenting with yours in cream sauces? See if the flavour is different.