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Aug 28, 2003 06:46 PM

Great Eats in Camarillo??

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Looking for great food in or around Camarillo. Breakfast spot? Lunch spot? Thanks.

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  1. Try the California Grill on Daily and the new Thai Place (Exotic Thai)in Old Town.

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    1. re: JonW

      Is that Exotic Thai better than the others? I have eaten at the one in Thousand Oaks and it was total rubbish.

    2. It's a tough town to find good eats, let alone great eats. I spent nine months working there, the best food I found was a local BBQ place: St. Francis... it's in a strip mall off the first exit down the hill, Pleasant Valley. In the same strip mall as Subway and a place called Lotsa Pasta (or something that has Pasta in the name.)
      St Francis BBQ
      4952 Verdugo Way
      Camarillo, CA 93012-8632
      Phone: (805) 388-9555

      They BBQ in the parking lot right behind the restaurant...I usually get the Classic sandwich, pulled pork with slaw in the sandwich. When I have time and money, I get the ribs. Not cheap, but good soul food.


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      1. re: Kishari

        If you couldn't find good food here, you didn't LOOK!

        Best breakfasts:

        1. Dorothy's Chuckwagon (dive place on Ventura Bouelvard, but awesome food!)
        2. PJs Boulevard Cafe also on Vta Bl. (mexican/ comfort food combo)
        3. Mission Oaks Cafe on MO Boulevard

        1. Ottavio's is always good
        2. Cafe India
        3. California Grill
        4. Eggs & Things
        5. Wood Ranch
        6. Bandit's

        1. re: USC_MBA

          USC MBA, can you help me? Maybe five years ago I had a great breakfast in Camarillo or nearby. We were camping and were given directions from PCH. Anyway, we crossed the freeway and went maybe two or three bocks and this place seem to be in a industrial / commercial complex. Soooo many people and down home food.Nohing fancy inside or out (factory look) and the tables were close to each other. That is all I recall except that I would like to return -- great food and service.

          1. re: USC_MBA

            Haven't been in a while, but I agree with USC MBA about Ottavio's. I never had a bad meal there.

            1. re: USC_MBA

              I was so charmed by the old school diner atmosphere of Dorothy's Chuckwagon, but I got french fries there that were as hard as beef jerky. Pretty unforgiveable. The staff was really nice, though, and the person in our group who got breakfast food liked the vast quantity of it.

              Mission Oaks Cafe is good for a basic American style breakfast and lunch food. Never been there for dinner.

              Azucar Cafe is the most interesting place in town, IMO - Puerto Rican food. You need a high tolerance for deep fried food, but it is tasty.

              I also like Charn Thai and Sawadee Thai.

          2. Tomadachi! im not exactly sure where it is (my boyfriend has an internship down there and we went when i came to visit), but it is wonderful sushi. fresh and flavorful. try the appetizers, that was the kicker for me. its pricey, but the feel and atmoshphere is nice and the food is great.

            1. Have low expectations, there's not much here. I think it's worth the drive the coast to the seafood spots in Oxnard and Ventura, like HC Seafood in the Channel Islands harbor.

              1. Masa Sushi iis good.

                63 E Daily Dr, Camarillo, CA