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Sep 11, 2008 02:09 PM

I never get any responses

Is this because I am new or doing somthing wrong

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  1. Maybe it's because you're not coming up with something new? I dunno I never posted anything b4 and this is my first post...Maybe now youll get some new posts?

    1. I see your post, but the FL board has been pretty quiet lately. Sorry I can't help with the Tampa area. Did you do a search on the FL board? You may be able to find some recommendations that way.

      1. A big part of it is just time -- Chowhound's not a quick moving chat room, more of a slow moving discussion board. Your posts are less than 2 hours old, so they'll likely get some replies yet.

        Your Tampa 'what not to miss' post is pretty solid in that it tells people what you're looking for and some examples of what research you've already done. That's always an excellent start, and something we really encourage new posters to do.

        Your dim sum post is a lot briefer -- and refers to Japanese food instead of Chinese food, which might be confusing people. Perhaps add a reply of your own clarifying what you're looking for?

        -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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          Thank you for your advise.. I am at work and trying to do this at the same time and I am crossing tasks . I replied in kind and finished what I was trying to say.. Any other advise for the new guy..

          1. re: Dining Nomad

            Welcome dining nomad! I think it's a busy time of year for people--back to school, etc., so it might take awhile for people to reply. Similar to the Florida board, my "home board" (the Midwest) is one of the less active boards. I think the regulars on the less active boards might check in less frequently than regulars on the busy boards because they know it moves more slowly and there's no point in checking every hour if there's only 3-4 posts a day, so, I do think you have to give it time.

            Aside from that and the terrific advice you've already been given, the only other thing I have to say is Chowhound, like so much in life, is what you make of it. Hopefully, you'll get some answers to your queries, but, even if you don't, come back after your trip and post about where you ate and what you thought about it. It makes it easier for the next guy. Plus, activity begets activity because suddenly people have something interesting to read and respond to, and the more there is that is interesting, the more they check in, and so on.

            I hope that helps. Good luck!


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              You might also find this helpful - posted by another new poster: