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Sep 11, 2008 01:44 PM

Cocktail Suggestion

I'm looking for some suggestions for a new cocktail to try. My husband and I will be going out for dinner at a fancy Manhattan resturant and I don't want to order the usual. Typically I order a Malibu & Coke or an Apple Martini. I like sweeter drinks that don't taste too strongly of alcohol. Any suggestions? Also, is it 'proper' to drink the cocktail with dinner? I'm not much of a wine drinker so I never know what else to get other than a soda.

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  1. I would suggest asking for a cocktail list in the restaurant. Most restaurants have one these days and oftentimes they'll have something interesting and different. They try to create drinks lists that will appeal to many different tastes so I'm certain you'll find something that meets yours.

    You can drink whatever you like with your meal. Nothing is proper or improper. It's your drink, and it's your meal. Enjoy it however you see fit.

    And please, for the love of all things alcoholic... step away from the Malibu! :-)

    1. A nice way to end a dinner could be a Brandy Alexander. During dinner, say, a Mai Tai or Hurricane?

      1. How about a Sidecar: essentially a cognac margarita
        There are a number of milk based drinks that are sweet: Brandy Milk Punch, Brandy Alexander, Grasshopper.
        If you like Gin, you could go for a Gimlet or a Negroni.

        1. Have you tried an off-dry riesling? Many have plenty of residual sugar and low alcohol, along with fairly high acidity, which makes them food friendly and tasty.

          I do think wine, or beer, is more "proper" with dinner, but drink what you like. If the riesling rec. doesn't work for you, maybe a mojito could work? They have a bit of sweetness, but aren't cloying, a la apple "martini" cocktail or Malibu and anything. Or, perhaps a champagne cocktail or kir royale? Champagne goes well enough with just about anything!

          I'd personally stay away from anything loaded with juice or sugar, as drinks like that obliterate your tastebuds.

          I agree with davis_sq's suggestion of asking to see a cocktail list. Depending on the restaurant, they may have designed a few cocktails to pair with entrees for the non-wine drinkers of the world.

          Drink up!

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            I do like Bellinis. Are there any other champagne based drinks that you'd recommend. I've tried some rieslings and other 'dessert' wines and they're ok but I don't think I could drink them with a rich meal. More than a tiny glass gives me a headache. It's not that I'm a total lightweight either.

            I guess with dinner I'll stick with champagne. Can't go wrong there.

              1. re: falnangel7

                Although I prefer it plain, almost any cordial can be added to sparkling wine to sweeten it up a bit. I know people who add everything from Chambord to Frangelico. It's really up to you. You'll have to experiment (shucks, right?).

                Bummer about riesling giving you a headache. As a sidenote, most rieslings aren't considered dessert wines in any way. :)

                1. re: invinotheresverde

                  just to add, there's been a variety of champagne cocktails spring up. French 75 is probably the quintessential one but probably won't be to your liking. I would ask the bar if they have St. Germain, which is a hip, relatively new cordial liqueur that mixes beautifully with most champagnes.

                  1. re: Icantread

                    St. Germain and champagne are sooooo delicious together!

                    1. re: Icantread

                      what does St Germain taste like? Is it fruity?

                      1. re: falnangel7

                        Well, it tastes like elderflowers. I dunno, its kind of a hard taste to describe. Kinda fruity, flowery, subtle.

                        1. re: falnangel7

                          No, it's floral. There's definite sweetness, but it's a happy melding.

                          1. re: falnangel7

                            floral, but don't think of it as potpouri floral, or even gin-like. It's a syrupy, floral concoction that is pleasing enough to drink on its own. I have yet to give it to someone, sophisticated palate or not, who did not like it.