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Sep 11, 2008 01:26 PM

Oyster knife?

Can anyone suggest where in Toronto (or South Etobicoke) I can find an oyster knife? I've tried WalMart, Linen's & Things and Caynes with no luck.

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  1. How about Nella or Nickolau (sp) they are restaurant supply stores open to the public.

    1. I imagine Williams-Sonoma carries them as well.

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      1. re: tbonetak

        I got mine at "Fortune" on was several years ago 'tho.

        1. re: pearlD

          Sadly, Fortune is no more. I think it closed a little over a year ago. You could try Tap Phong, as they seem to have a little of everything, but I can't recall seeing oyster knives. Didn't really have my eye out for them, though.

      2. Diana's Seafood Delight
        2101 Lawrence Ave E

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            1. re: shir

              Me too. I had a wider one, but their narrower one works great.

            2. Get a shucking glove, too, unless you are an accomplished shucker. I didn't so much object to the pain, but the blood takes away from the eye appeal.

              1. Rodney's has them for sale and you can buy fresh Oysters while you're there. On the south side of King St, west of Spadina.

                If you don't want to buy a glove, use a really good thick tea towel - less expensive.