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Sep 11, 2008 01:24 PM

New Year's in Melbourne

We're looking for a nice New Year's Eve dinner in Melbourne (will be there on our honeymoon from the U.S.). Looking for something not overrun with wild celebrating and trying to keep it under maybe $250 for two. Good wine is a must. Not too keen on raw fish. We're staying near Flagstaff gardens, so something not too far from there would be good. Any suggestions? And, when would you suggest making such a reservation?


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    I would recommend visiting the above links - the first is for epicure which is the weekly food supplement (reviews recipes etc) in melbourne's daily broadsheet.
    The second is for a search in the restaurant review section of the city area. The restaurant reviews are pretty comprehensive and always provide a guide to cost also they have maps attached.

    I would probably be trying to book before the end of november, mostly so you can be sure of a table but also so that it it turns out the restaurant you had in mind isn't open for New Years (Christmas/New Year coincides with our summer so many places close around this time) then you've got plenty of time to find and book elsewhere.

    Good luck

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      1. Dinner at The Windsor is the quintessential Melbourne dining experience, IMHO.

        NYE, Crown will most likely have lots of "Stuff" going on.. fireworks and the like, but you may have to deal with all the pissed punters..