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Sep 11, 2008 01:11 PM

Cured meats in KC?

My wife and I are having an Italian dinner party and are in charge of the antipasto. are there some good, local places in KC for salami, coppa, proscuitto, soppresata, etc?

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  1. Carollo's Italian market in the river market, 9 E. 3rd St., has some. Also Cellar Rat downtown at 17th & Wyandotte has a smaller selection. And Cupini's has several locations:

    1. Carolla's Italian Market in the City Market has it all.

      1. Saddly, the best place for that stuff is Volpie's Fine Meats on the Hill in St. Louis. In KC you can get some decent stuff but way more than I'm used to paying for it. You can get some decener proscuitto, salami, and soppresata, at Bella Napoli in Brookside or Coupini's in their deli section. I've also heard a rumor that there is an Italian grocerystore over on State Line in the shopping center accross the street fom the Gate's BBQ next to hwy 435. Good luck!

        1. LaRoccas wholesale Italian grocery is AWESOME. They are open to the public m-f from 730 am to 330 pm. They have better prices(by far) then Carollos. They have cheeses and pine nuts, capers(in salt), salami and various other Italian products. Its in Columbus Park on 5th at Campbell across from LaSalas. They have olives too and the owners are very nice!