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Sep 11, 2008 12:29 PM

Best place for Lobster?*~

Craving lobster and was curious as to where we should go. I live in Indy right now, and the best places seem to be chains; Oceanaire, Fleming's, Bonefish, Mortons, Mitchell's..........



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  1. Mortons or Ruth's Chris are pretty good, RC's had a dinner for two 5 lb lobster for $100, a good deal.

    1. I've had good lobster at Oceanaire in DC, but can't speak for its other locations.

      I wouldn't go to a steakhouse for lobster.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Thanks for the replies! I've actually had very good steak at steakhouses before.... upscale chain and privately owned.

        Has anyone tried the lobster at Bonefish?

        1. re: Kam7185

          "I've actually had very good steak at steakhouses before.... upscale chain and privately owned."


          Hmm, so have I. But you were asking about LOBSTER, right?

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Oy, no wonder professors have always insisted that I proofread!

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          Not sure what the downside could be to getting a lobster at a chop house. It's one of most chop houses 'specialties', like they do it well!

        3. I have been to Bonefish on a couple of occasions and have always ordered the lobster. It's always been expertly prepared

          1. RIMBY's!

            That's Right In My BackYard, Sir (or, Sister) — Vinalhaven, Maine — right off the boats, and into your life!

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              I used to work as a sternman on Lucky Lady II on North Haven, much higher class than Vynyl Haven (sic). Chains hurt my teeth except on scallop drags.
              Seriously. Weathervane?
              Go Tough Cats!

              1. re: Mushi

                Narraganset Lunch in Maine - paper plates and you sit on the patio. But the lobster is fresh and the prices are great. Every time we visit Maine, we make it a point to go there.

              2. We ended up at Bonefish. For $27 we both got twin tails and two sides. The tails were better than average, about 4 oz each. But, we won't be rushing back soon for them. For sides we had the whipped potatoes and the au gratin. Yikes, when the whipped arrived they appeared to be a scoop of some freaky cafeteria concoction and those were sent back immediately. The au gratin were the very best thing I have had in years. We didn't bother with dessert or appetizers- couldn't even finish both lobster tails and didn't even get more than three bites of potatoes!

                I think next we'll try the tempura lobster at flemings!