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Sep 11, 2008 12:16 PM

"B" a French Bistro - Toms River - Closed!!

The title says it all. They didn't last long. For those not familiar with the restaurant, this is the former Jeffrey's/Slowly space and was run by the same people that own Bienvenue in Red Bank. I'm not surprised that a french bistro didn't play well in this town.

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    1. re: chefMD

      Sad......I wonder what will be there next?

    2. I haven't been to toms river in a while, but from what I remember, I can see why a french bistro didn't play well. Maybe in a couple of years.....

      bgut1, I have been trying to get hold of ya via email, can you email me rtimko at g mail ?? thanks!

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      1. That really is bad!!! I found out about this place from you...bgut on the boards, and was really excited!!

        Now, I guess it will be another "Italian/American" pasta for $ 9.99 including soup, salad, coffee, and dessert! yuck!!! Gross......

        Why don't we all move to France?

        hee heee!!!! :) :)

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        1. re: Angelina

          To be honest Angelina, I doubt an Italian restaurant would open in that space. I believe Capone's around the corner has that niche wrapped up at least in the downtown. I agree with JerzeyShore that it's a beautiful space and hope (although I doubt due to this economy) the space will be filled shortly. I'm just thankful that Bistro 44 down the block keeps going strong.

        2. I have been to Jeffrey's and realy liked the ambience and the location in the town of Toms River. It is a shame that nothing seems to work at this location. I like the space but pehaps there is a jinx on this place. Maybe someone will make a go of it, I hope so, as downtown Toms River is indeed a great location,