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Sep 11, 2008 12:08 PM

Savory Ice Cream (or gelato or sorbet)?

Is there anywhere around the DC area to reliably get savory ice cream, gelato, sorbet, or anything in that vein? For example, olive oil ice cream, or bacon ice cream, or basil gelato. I know Dolcezza sometimes has one or two savory'ish flavors but they're often mixed with some kind of fruit, and they don't always carry a savory gelato. Any suggestions?

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  1. I know you said DC, but I can only offer Baltimore...

    Jack's sometimes has a ranch ice cream that goes with a blt platter.
    Woodberry Kitchen currently has an olive oil ice cream.

    1. Moorenko's (main outpost in McLean) makes ice cream, including many savory flavors, for some of DC's top restaurants. Those savory offerings are embellishments of the basic creme fraiche ice-cream which is often available in the McLean store. Certainly, it can be made available with advance notice.

      1. Those sound pretty odd, but I had a taste of pineapple-basil gelato at the gelato stand adjacent to the Chaparal Market on Wilson Blvd in Clarendon (across from Whole Foods). It was pretty savory, but probably not in the sense you mean. If you gave them a suggestion for a flavor, I wouldn't be surprised if they made it some time. They have all sorts of stuff that I'd never think of.

        1. Often restaurants will use savory ice cream as an accent to a dessert or dish. I know Cafe Atlantico had mustard gelato to top off their gazapcho recently.

          1. Tosca has gorgonzola gelato served with candied celery. You could probably order it at the bar if you didn't want to do a whole meal. I hated it--love both gorgonzola and gelato but not together. It starts out tasting mild and vaguely sweet and then you get the strange punch of blue.