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Sep 11, 2008 12:05 PM

Romantic NW Getaway

Need ideas for a chow-worthy anniversary trip. Needs to be within reasonable drive/ferry/kenmore of Seattle as we only have from Friday afternoon to Sunday kid-free. WA, OR, BC....

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  1. For chow-worthy - I would head to Vancouver BC.

    1. B&B in Victoria, but i don't know much about the food options there. I believe there is another board on this site that may be able to help with that.

      1. Vancouver, B.C. would be my pick

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          I guess I should be more specific, I am looking for a particular hotel, inn or lodge with a culinary flair, perhaps Sook Harbor House, or something in one of the wine valleys. Was hoping there was something in WA or OR I haven't heard about. Anyone been to Cave B?

          1. re: bluedog67

            Love Cave B, however, their wines aren't fantastic (and their restaurant only serves their wine) so bring your own to enjoy in your room. Prefer Cave B in off season (after the concerts at the Gorge (sp?) are done), not as busy, and amazing service. The restaurant I think just changed hands, so I can't speak for the new food, but when I was there last it was alot of comfort food, and we loved it. Splurge on an upgraded room, the Cliffhouses are amazing.

        2. The Inn at Langley, Whidbey Island.Former Tom Douglas chef, Matt Costello is at the helm of the kitchen there.

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            Seconded. The Inn at Langley is amazing. The views are beautiful, the rooms are romantic, and the dinner is wonderful.

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              Zoogrl, you read my mind, I had just left them a message about availability. Short notice, so we will see. Exactly what I had in mind.