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Sep 11, 2008 11:44 AM

Fairmont Rocky Mtn Resorts restaurants

I am sad to find out that the Edith Cavell room closes for the winter season when we are thinking of going to the JPL.

Has anyone eaten at both the EC and their other fine dining room The Moose's Nook? Is the Nook comparable?

What about the restos at Chateau Lake Louise, has anyone been to their fine dining?

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  1. I can't comment on the JPL or the Chateau but the Post Hotel in the Lake Louise Townsite has a very good reputation for fine dining.

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      We head up to the JPL to celebrate "special" occasions perhaps once or twice a year. We have not tried the Moose's Nook although we did look at their menu.

      Quite frankly, I am not a "fan" of the food at the JPL apart perhaps from snacks on a warm afternoon on their patio overlooking the swimming pool and Lac Beauvert.

      We used to head up for their "Suite Romance" packages which included dinner at the Edith Cavell but almost without exception they were disappointing particularly when one factored in the price. It is a beautiful room. All the glass and millwork but never did they fully pull off an exceptional dinner.

      Hope you have better luck.

      Now we usually either enjoy our room in the company of our canine companions with something we have ordered from room service or brought back from the townsite.

      Have not eaten at Louise. Like Hart50, on the occasions we have dined down it has been some time...we headed for the Post.

      Let us know how you make out. We are back to the JPL the week before Xmas.

    2. We've had the brunch buffet at the Chateau Lake Louise and it was incredible but has been some years. Usually it's in the lesser formal room but I have memories of being in the formal dining room at least once. If it was for dinner the food mustn't be memorable. That can be good or bad. We do like the small German style restaurant at the Chateau.

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        We have a gift certificate to fairmont resorts to use up and would really prefer JPL to the Chateau for comfort, and also the drive (closer to JPL). I guess we could consider staying in Banff and eating at one of the great restaurants there. Banff is just soooo over crowded with tourists. Jasper in the winter is definitely quieter, seems cozier. I don't think the deals are as good in Banff too, but I suppose we can wait and look at that.

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          If you do happen to come out this way, be sure to make a reservation at The Trough in Canmore, wonderful food.