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Sep 11, 2008 11:43 AM

Sunny Garden in Princeton

I had lunch here today; I haven't been in about a year. I've been many times, and always thought it one of the best Chinese restaurants in S. Jersey. However, my meal today was just...meh. The friend I went with said the restaurant was under new ownership. She also thought her meal was just OK. We didn't have the buffet (I don't do buffets), but ordered off of the small lunch menu. Really uninspired food.
Has anyone else been lately, or did we just hit it on an off day? I heard Elements Asia on Quakerbridge Rd. is good. Any comments?

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  1. That's too bad about your experience at Sunny G's. I'm not a huge buffet fan myself but I actually like theirs b/c there aren't a huge amount of items to choose from so the food is replenished more often, guaranteeing freshness. Haven't been in months since our office has moved. Elements Asia is usually pretty good. I've had different varieties of the bento boxes, the thai basil chicken and pad thai is usually pretty good. It can be hit or miss, however. Would be nice if restaurants could be consistent w/ the quality of product. I find, at least in this area (Hamilton), that's just not the case. Seems one can find a fave place only to be disappointed w/ the food on the next visit. Anyone else feel that way?

    1. I agree with mschow. Sunny Gardens is an ordinary chinese restaurant, with unispired food

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        That's too bad. Used to be really good. Suggestions for some other places?

      2. Elements Asia is excellent--

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          Yah, Elements is usually pretty good. What do you all think about Penang at Nassau Park? Pad Thai is good and the roti canai yummy but the chx dumplings disappoint.

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            Checking my food diary I find I went to Elements of Asia once back in 2006 and found it really uninspiring. Never went back.

            I always thought Sunny Garden was run of the mill. Better than take out, but nothing special.

            I used to like the dim sum lunches on Saturdays at Kings Castle in Princeton years ago. That I miss!

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              They still have dim sum I think on Sat/Sun, even though the name (and owners?)has changed, but I have not been yet.

        2. My husband and I were regulars at Sunny Garden for years, but the restaurant took a precipitous decline in early 2006. After several disastrous meals (including a take-out order that did not include rice!), we gave up on the place and haven't been back in nearly three years. Our go-to place for Chinese is now Elements Asia. For the most part, the food is excellent (I highly recommend any of the Thai basil preparations. Chicken and eggplant with garlic sauce is also very good), but it can be uneven. One night, we were served salmon sashimi that was absolutely foul--a surprising lapse because until then, the sushi and sashimi had always been superb (we've not ordered sushi since). Some dishes can also be greasy and bland at times, and the service can be wildly variable. The manager is very nice, though, and truly cares about her customers' satisfaction.

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            Yes, I've had some disappointments at EA...seems consistency is lacking in both of these places. Anybody remember A-Kitchen in Kendall Park? That can't still be there, is it?

            1. re: gbean

              A-Kitchen is long gone, but nearby it's former location is Szechwan Ace in Franklin Park, which has good authentic Szechwan cuisine alongside chinese-american dishes.

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                Yah, I was dreaming. I loved that place when I was a teen. Went to Szechuan House today...really good as usual. Spicy (and they ain't kiddin') Chili Beef and Szechuan chicken we shared, and both were really good. The homemade eggrolls and hot and sour sp were delicious as always.