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Sep 11, 2008 11:39 AM

Le Grand Epicerie

I was just daydreaming about Paris this morning, bemoaning the fact that I will not get there this year (Okay, I went twice last year, so I shouldn't really complain), and I was waxing wistful about Le Grand Epicerie, across the street from Le Bon Marché. Glorious cheeses and caviar and breads and wines; blackfoot chickens and ducks and entrecote; and the little kiosk where a woman hand slices Iberico ham. Fifty dollars a pound and worth every sou. And the Champagne bar. And the groceries, where one can buy intensely chocolate pots de créme right next to plain yogurt, and organic eggs with yolks so orange, they border on red. I'm in New York, and there is nothing here that compares.

Boo. I want to go back there now.

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  1. Yes, their foie gras sandwiches are a steal at 4.95 eu.

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    1. re: whs

      Foie gras sandwich. Very interesting. I cant seem to get away from the groceries and specialty ingredients. I never paid any attention to the prepared foods before.

      The last time I was there I noticed for the first time their awesome selection of vanilla beans. I saw the fattest, meatiest vanilla beans I have ever seen and have been kicking myself ever since that I didnt buy any.

      1. re: whs

        ...and great Jamon ones as well.

      2. The original comment has been removed