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Sep 11, 2008 11:06 AM

LI Fall Festivals

This is my first year living on LI and was wondering if any of the festivals listed in the paper about a week ago are worth going to for the food (buying local products or eating from vendors)? These are the ones that I was most interested in finding out about:

Harvest and Seafood Festival - Captree State Park 9/13-14
LI Fall Festival - Heckscher State Park 10/10-12
Oyster Festival - Oyster Bay Waterfront 10/18-19

Any other suggestions would be welcome also....

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  1. I hate to say it, but you just missed exactly what you're looking for, the North Fork Foodie Tour. If you're still here next year you have to go. The oyster festival is good for oysters, although so mobbed it's torture to go, and otherwise you're going to see the same carnival type vendors at all of the above.

    1. The Sayville Fall Festival will be held on Oct. 25th and 26th in Gillette Park in Sayville (and in the surrounding town).

      They will be hosting the NY State BBQ Championships as well as a chocolate, cheese and root beer competition. There will be food demos on Saturday and Sunday.

      You can get more information here: and


      1. I believe that there is a harbor festival in Greenport the weekend of September 20th. There is a fall festival in Riverhead on Columbus Day weekend Sunday.


        1. I stopped by the Harvest and Seafood Festival at Captree last year and stayed about a minute--or about as long as it took to walk through it and find there was nothing to see or do. Just a few things for the kiddies, the usual street-fair stands, and that was it.