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Sep 11, 2008 10:14 AM

Desperately seeking restaurant near Scituate

So after having vaguely planned that the night before the wedding next Saturday, the families would get together at one of the beach houses they've rented for the weekend to have a pizza or take-out Chinese "rehearsal" dinner, my mother-in-law has suddenly decided they want to go our to dinner. Preferably to a place with a function room. Not too expensive- maybe a short menu available to make sure it stays affordable. Oh, and because a couple of the kids have very severe food allergies, we would need to find a place that had, say, French fries fried in oil that contains no soy or peanut oil, and doesn't fry fish in the same oil. (Since they can't can't have wheat, dairy, soy or many vegetables, French fries are one of the few things they can eat out.) Did I mention that this if for NEXT FRIDAY?

Anxiety aside, does anyone know of a place near Scituate that isn't too expensive and has a function room?

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  1. Hi,

    I went to a wedding at the Barker Tavern earlier this summer, and it was quite nice. The food was pretty good, and the setting is great. I don't know if they can meet all your dietary requirements, though. You'd probably have to call to find out.


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      I haven't eaten at Barker Taver but it's a nice place with a great little pub.

      Another place worth checking out is Mill Wharf Tavern. I avoid Chester's downstairs but they have a great casual room upstairs..might be able to accomodate you.


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        Barker Tavern is a good solid recommendation. I have never had a bad meal there and the staff is great. OP is not kidding when they mention great little pub. I think at most you may be able to squeeze 20-25 people in there. But the barstaff there is great.

        Barker Tavern
        21 Barker Rd, Scituate, MA 02066

      2. I don't know how large your group will be. The Barker Tavern has private rooms upstairs that would accommodate maybe 20 people. PJ's Country House on 3A in Scituate has a function room, as do Atlantica and The Red Lion in Cohasset. None of these are "cheap eats." Feng Shui in Cohasset has a room that can be closed off for private groups, if all of you like Chinese food that might be a less expensive choice and it's attractive and one of the better Chinese restaurants.

        1. I would go to Riva in Scituate harbor. On Front St. Best food in Scituate

          1. DO NOT GO TO MILL WHARF. My wife went there recently and it was a disaster all around. Food was not edible and they brought one person the wrong dish.
            DO NOT GO THERE.

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              That hasn't been my experience over a few trips/summer for 10+ years. Stick to basics like steak tips or broiled scrod..good prime rib on Sat.

              eta....great harbor views

              BTW, A new place, Oro opened on Front St last summer. Haven't been yet but it looks like it's worth trying.


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                I agree on Mill Warf; keep expectations reasonable and it's fine for what it is. I prefer it for cocktails with a harbor view in the summer usually skipping the food.

                I really like Oro and I think it's the best choice for upscale dining in the Harbor area. No views, but creative and well executed food. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7045...

                Never been a huge Riva fan. The layout is funky, very small, and a real 'regulars' vibe to the point of uncomfortable for this non-regular. I did try pizza from Riva pizza in North Scituate recently and it has potential.

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                  You probably already know it,but there's great fish market off front St, Mullaney's. Much of what they sell is caught by the local Scituate fleet. The only way to get fresher is to catch it yourself..:)

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                    Sure, I've shopped at Mullaney's. I hate to say it but probably 20 years ago when i lived closer ;). I think they supply the Barker Tavern with their "famous" sword collar. At least they use to.

                    Barker Tavern
                    21 Barker Rd, Scituate, MA 02066

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                      Pretty sure they still do supply Barker Tavern. They're also my backup if we get skunked. Scituate has had a lot of changes in 20 years..:)

                      Here's some Scituate photos I took a few years ago..hope you enjoy


                      I can understand why people might not care for Mill Wharf but our situation in Scituate is unusual. We take our boat down for 3 -4 days and mostly cook fish that we catch or buy at Mullaney's. We're very comfortable but it's nice to get off the boat for a night and we have enough high end spots in Boston that we're usually looking for someplace more casual. We both enjoy cooking and Scituate is a gem for fresh fish. If I lived full time in Scituate, I probably wouldn't go to Mill Wharf very often but it does fill a certain niche for us.

                      Maybe some shopping (ugh..:))a few drinks at TK's and "home" for dinner. This summer Ms 9 and I looked at the menu for Oro and simultaneously said, 'Maybe another time" and we had the prime rib from Mill Wharf..which is impractical to cook for 2 onboard..also no car, so anyplace we go has to be walking distance from the harbor.

                      BTW, for a great dive bar, the inside of TK O'Malley's is great...distinct from the DR..families and the outdoor porch..mixed crowd of families/old/young/post beach.

                      I think it used to be called the Grog Shop. Old and young prof fisherman telling tales. Think of Crow's Nest in Gloucester..without the slight edge. Sat nights they have a singer; sometimes it degerates into a singalong.. which can make for a fun evening if you've had enough beverages. Avoid the food.

                      Barker Tavern
                      21 Barker Rd, Scituate, MA 02066

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                        I've caught a few slobs off Peggotty in my day...;). Come to think of it I met a few at TK's in my earlier years, sorry I couldn't resist.

                        I think most people are looking for a little more low key when down there in the summer. I did like Oro but also thought, never ever in the summer. Scituate is a zoo for us car parking people.
                        I always root for chef owned places, and this husband/ wife team do a nice job. A tad swanky for the front street that I remember, but as you say it's changed a lot.

                        BTW: Fried clams at the Satuit Tavern....if you feel the need to walk a mile. (round trip)

                        1. re: T.Clark

                          I may be the only non Scituate local to eat at the defunct Chinese place on Front St. They had a great hand with the local seafood..done Cantonese style. They had superb ingredients.

                          I liked the fried clams at Satuit Tavern but it's a tough sell to Ms 9 on a sunny day..:) and I try to eat fried clams for lunch rather than dinner.

                          Satuit Tavern
                          39 Jericho Rd, Scituate, MA 02066

                        2. re: 9lives

                          TK O'Malleys is nothing like the old Pete's Pub in town, but it's ok as is Mill Wharf. for drinks. I miss the old Satuit Grill and Pier 44 though and haven't been down that way in awhile. More apt to stop at either the Snug in Hingham or Cafe Tosca, or head over to DiNero's in Cohasset.

                          Pete's Pub
                          108 Blackstone St, Boston, MA 02109

              2. I'd try to make a deal with The Barker Tavern. Good food, nice atmosphere, decent waitstaff and good bar service. Most suburban places will be flexable now that the holidays are over.

                Not a big fan of the Mill Wharf, but do have family member that like it and go there on a regular basis. Just not my thing.

                Barker Tavern
                21 Barker Rd, Scituate, MA 02066