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HELP Squash Soup disaster

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Have managed to make something both too spicy & too watery tasting at the same time, and am trying to rescue it.

Soup was made from one roasted squash (believe it was an Autumn Cup), sauteed onions & garlic, vegetable broth, 1 diced jalapeno, some oregano & cumin. Simmered for 30min and then pureed with hand blender. Yuck. Added a bit of tofu (maybe 1/4 of a package). Didn't help. Have now added an avocado (which I WAS planning to serve on top) and pureed again. Still not working. Now tastes like pepper and avocado. Totally lost any sweetness of the squash.

Thinking can of white beans? Can of pureed pumpkin? Help! Caveats: I'm vegan, so no cream!
Thanks in advance

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  1. If it's too hot, it's probably too late, especially if you can't add cream, which would have been my suggestion. I'd probably quit while I was ahead.

    1. ??? coconut milk,full fat.

      1. It sounds like you have a dead soldier. If you care to try another one, mirror Emeril's Roasted Squash soup found on the food network site. I take it you are vegetarian, but I think it can be duplicated reasonably.

        1. Add a diced potato, cook, puree again.

          1. Split the quanity in half, do as Sam says. See if the potato pureed will take off some of the heat. The other non descript, is zuchinni, that works well with these problems and your still working with squash.

            You might of lost the integtrity of the original soup concept if its overpowered with a hot pepper, best to morph it into something else. Add pepitas and avocado/cream fraiche to the top, and maybe several drops of cream sherry... I think I would love this soup.

            1. roasted carrots should help replace some of the sweetness you were hoping to get from the squash. blanch them for 5-6 min in boiling water, drain well, place in an oiled baking dish, season with a little salt, tamari sauce or Bragg's aminos, and roast in a 425 oven for 45-60 minutes until fork-tender. then blend them into the soup a few pieces at a time until you reach the desired flavor & consistency.

              i also tend to roast halved garlic heads & quartered red onions in the baking dish along with the carrots - blending a few of the roasted garlic cloves and some chunks of the onion into the soup could add another layer of depth & sweetness.

              1. Might have saved it - we shall see tomorrow eve. Added some roasted, pureed carrots and a 1/2 cup of soymilk. Both seemed to have increased the complexity, plus upped the sweetness to balance the hot pepper.
                Planning to have with a avocado 'creme' and some poached leftover lobster. Will report back!
                Thx for the suggestions