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Sep 11, 2008 09:53 AM

Capitol Hill Breakfast?


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  1. You might want to try being a bit more specific, but here are a few favorites on the hill:

    Cafe Presse (they have breakfasty items available all day, though I don't think there is a specific breakfast menu)
    Broadway Grill weekend brunch...not because the food is that great, but because for $12.50 you can eat as much of it as you want AND a mimosa is included.

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    1. re: abstract206

      Thanks, we'll try Glo's...or Crave...we're new and town and didn't want to fly blind.

      1. re: toab

        I had a really bad breakfast at Crave recently. There were three of us and only one person was somewhat satisfied. My Toad in the Hole was totally dry and the eggs over-cooked. The dutch baby was totally under-cooked and eggy. The only tolerable dish was the huevos rancheros.

        1. re: Lauren

          yeah, we haven't been very happy with our last few breakfasts at crave, and have since stopped going.

          coastal kitchen has a pretty decent brunch on the weekends. and this doesn't answer your original question, but I'd recommend you consider going a bit further east, to madison valley, and go to either cafe flora or madison park cafe.

      2. re: abstract206

        Sorry, I was more specific, then I tried to edit it and erased it and...anyway, I was hungry! Thanks, Glo's was great. Homemade corned beef hash! Crispy hash browns ! (that was in my original post that I erased).

      3. I like the weekend brunch at 22 Doors or a crepe at 611 Supreme.

        1. I really enjoy brunch at Kingfish back on 22nd? perhaps. Across the street from Monsoon. It has a really nice atmosphere as well.

          1. So. we went to Glo's. 25 minutes to get a table. Another 35 to get food...but! Our server was kind enough to tell us about the back-up, kept the coffee going, which was good coffee, and let us know when the food was imminent just when it had been almost too long. But when you're going out to breakfast at 10:30 am on a weekday, it's not like you don't have time. Their homemade corned beef hash was terrific although the combo of big chunks of potato with shredded hash made you think they were trying to beef up the hash, but it was good, good, I may be just nostalgic for those little squares of potato. Perfect eggs and rye toast although could have been toastier, but then again it's rare to specify how well you like your toast,...Eggs Benedict was also good, good. So too much wait but worth it, good coffee, next time I am trying the pancakes.

            1. Mmmm - 611 Supreme! Im gonna have to try brunch at Kingfish - didnt know they did that.