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Sep 11, 2008 09:49 AM

Catering for small group lunch (Honolulu, HI)?

Aloha kakou,
I tried to get Karen Miyano to cater a small group lunch (for about 12-15 people) for next Friday, but unfortunately she was already booked. (She's an excellent caterer, by the way, if you ever need someone to make delicious food, island influenced, with amazing presentation style).

Does anyone have any suggestions for a caterer who is willing to accommodate a small group and willing to bring the food to Manoa? The group comprises of mainland visitors (who are all well-traveled) so we'd like to treat them to food that has an island-twist. Budget is about $20.... or maybe more, if it's worth splurging a little bit more.

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  1. Bummers. I just had Karen do a luncheon at my house 2 weeks ago the food was awesome.
    So well thought out and prepared, everything just flowed from one thing to the next everything
    was so beautifully presented as well. She's also such a sweet and calm person I truly enjoyed the entire experience.

    I'll try to think of someone else at this last minute.

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    1. re: manomin

      I know.... Karen Miyano would have been the perfect person to cater the lunch, but the timing just didn't work out.
      Has anyone had any experience with Kahala Caterers? I've heard that their food is delicious, but I'm wondering if it's worthwhile the $$.


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        Did you ask Karen who she might think would work out for you?

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          I did try asking Karen, but she wasn't able to think of any other recommendations.
          Though I talked to someone from Kahala Caterers and they said that they were going to send me an estimate via email, I still haven't heard back yet.... which means I need to find some other alternatives. Anyone else?? (Also, Kahala Caterers requires a $300 minimum, which seemed a bit pricey for a boxed lunch for 12 people.)

    2. Last night I went to a "celebration of life" party and the food was so good! I don't know if at this
      late point in time you could get them but Big G's was the company. The food had local twist
      with lovely influences of international type flavor. It was all very pretty too. I have to say the
      buns with the char siu were just delightful and I don't like that sort of thing. Not one weird piece
      of pork to be had the buns were almost partly sweet bread in flavor with a very lovely browned top but not that soft mushy sweet bread texture. There were so many things to choose from
      this was buffet but I talked to the guys and they do all kinds of events/dinners/parties. The other neat thing about the night was Jerry Santos came and played several songs it was truly a wonderful send off for an amazing friend. BTW, the chef of the company is Troy Terorotua.

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        Mahalo for the suggestion. Just shot an email to Grant Sim (the other chef of Big G's) and hopefully he'll come back with availability and a good estimate! Didn't know that looking for good catered food in HI would be so difficult....

        1. re: Aleka

          Well it isn't with more time to plan! I have also had an amazing party at my house
          with Elmer Guzman from Poke Stop. We had 3 different "action stations" as well
          as non-action. His food is awesome too! And he and his wife plate and use very
          pretty decorations to make it all very beautiful. I think he's hard to get as well
          but worth it!