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Sep 11, 2008 09:41 AM

Israeli couscous FOUND (Honolulu, HI)

For the chowhound looking for the larger-sized couscous..... Whole Foods (at the Kahala Mall) is the answer to your question! It's in the pasta/grain aisle, right next to the Middle East brand boxes of grains. I think it was about $4 for the box.

I'm going to warn you, though..... you're probably going to walk away from Whole Foods with a whole lot more than just that box of couscous.

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  1. Coming back from Whole Foods this morning, I saw a sign on the Fat Greek's restaurant (on Waialae) that said Monday is "couscous night." Of course, I have no idea what size his couscous are.

    1. That's great - I haven't had a chance to get to the WF yet, but I was hoping that some of the items I haven't been able to find previously would be there...and you are adding light to my hope! I love good couscous!

      1. Don't tell me you were one of the 300 people that was lined up 7AM for the opening? Oh well I guess WF warrants some excitement... now if TJ's opened....

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          rumor is that TJ's has been approached by various parties looking to open stores for them here, from potential franchise people to some of the malls, but TJ's allegedly determined that it would not be a good business decision for them. Perhaps if WF goes well they would reconsider. We can always hope.