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Sep 11, 2008 09:19 AM

Glas in Glastonbury Closing/Re-Opening

Heard this today from an ITB source. Googled it to get confirmation and I found this on Craig's List:

"Glas Restaurant is changing into a completely different establishmentin the coming few weeks. We are under new owners/management and a new Chef. We are looking for experienced bartenders, servers and kitchen staff. The new name of the restaurant will be Tango."

God, I hope they don't try to do another Latin American fusion disaster. We had one already in Bombeleo and Azul in West Hartford. That trend is so over.

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  1. There's a sign outside announcing Tango Restaurant & Bar is opening soon and hiring. It's billed on the sign as an 'Italian restaurant with Argentinian flare.'

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    1. re: 02sbxstr

      I sure hope that doesn't mean waiters walking around with meat on a skewer. I detest that concept.

    2. I hadn't noticed that Glas closed and I am by there a lot. Was it recent? I figured it was only a matter of time since the wife of the original owner sold the place. We will se how well it does. There is a lot of competition for restaurant dollars in Glastonbury right now. Jay

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      1. re: JayCT

        Massive menu...but apparently they have hired a top notch chef and a sous chef from Max...and he is calling all his cronies to come and give it a try... plans on making everything from scratch...fresh pasta and stuff...alot of cooks are interested becauee they are paying considerably more than other places...almost $4 a hour more than the standard for Hartford.

        Not sure what Argentina and Italy have fion common except that it was a refuge after WW2 for alot of Italians,,,I guess we will see...

        the [problem I see is that for anyone to make money in such a large venue...the numbers have to be very big...I just don;t see these 200 seat mega places being able to capture enough of the market for everyone to have a lifeline.

        The nut on this one is huge...we shall see...

        1. re: sodagirl

          Out of curiousity, from which Max restaurant are these chefs coming from and how do you know they are paying $4 more per hour?

          I used to work for Bamboleo/Glas, we were just hitting our stride before the fire, never got the momentum back. I do agree that they will have to do big numbers, we were doing decent numbers at Bamboleo, but we didn't have 2 Max restaurants to compete with.