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Sep 11, 2008 09:11 AM

Best authentic Mexican food in LA?

Hi! I'm visiting my sister in LA in two weeks and after living in Miami for the last five months I am DYING for some real Mexican food. I know about El Chollo, and have been there many time. I love the green corn tamales, but this trip, I'm looking for basics: I want luscious carnitas, carne asada with chopped onions, fresh cilantro and a squirt of lime juice, refried beans and homemade chips (bring on the lard!), and hopefully fresh made tortillas. Now that the recent "taco cart ban" appears to have been overturned, I'd like to help support some of the best that LA has to offer - or smaller, "mom & pop" type restaurants where I will be happy to struggle with my meager Spanish if no one speaks English.

Suggestions? I have a week and will be perfectly happy if I eat Mexican food every day.

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  1. See how much of this list you can get through in a week (and please report back if you are still alive at the end):

    1. Try exploring Pacific Blvd. (between Slauson and Florence avenues) in the city of Huntington Park and you'll find "mom & pop" Mexican joints to your heart's delight.

      1. York Blvd between the 2 and the 110 is also pretty thick with great eats - your meager Spanish will come in handy. Here's a recent thread on El Huarache Azteca...

        1. I'm surprised no one's recommended Babita yet, although I prefer the more gringo-ized Paco's. The OP's cravings sound more like Paco's anyway.

          1. Here's the place,
            this location only:
            11127 Palms Blvd
            Los Angeles, CA 90034
            (310) 837-1153

            order out of your comfort zone and share it all:
            Clayuda, Chix Taquitos, Guac, Chiles de Agua,
            Chix Tamale wrapped in Banana Leaf,
            Red Mole Enchiladas, Chorizo,
            no tequila so have a cold Pacifico cerveza and the Agua Fresca of the day.
            Eat only at this location!

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              May I ask why you prefer the Palms location?