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Places to buy specialty chocolate near Seattle?

Besides Chocolopolis (a long way south from where I live), does anyone know of places in Seattle or North Seattle to buy specialty chocolates like Amedei or Michel Cluizel? I'd like to feed this addiction with a more convenient drive! Thanks.

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  1. Cluizel chocolate bars are available at Metropolitan Market. Unforuntately, it's just the bars, not any of his individual chocolates or other unique treats. He also offers to ship chocolates from his NYC store, if you want to go online.

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      If you're shopping online, Chocosphere down in PDX has a wide variety. However, shipping might cost more than gas into downtown.

    2. I believe Central Market carries Michel Cluizel.

      1. I don't know if this is what your looking for but Oh Chocolate on Mercer Island has wonderful handmade truffles. They are small, family owned although I think they have opened a second place (maybe Bellevue?).

        I just reread your post and realize you are probably in North Seattle but figured I'd leave this on here anyway.

        Good luck!

        1. EvZE World Gourmet on Eastlake sells Michel Cluizel chocolates: www.evze.com. I know they have bars and I think they also have some of the boxed stuff like bon bons. You can't exactly order the bars on the website but they sent me a shipment because I live in the Seattle area.

          1. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

            For all those other North Seattle chocolate fans out there, Central Market in Shoreline and Metropolitan Market in Queen Anne both do sell delicious, delicious Michel Cluizels, though only the dark varieties. They also have limited selection of brands such as Valrhona and Dolfin. The only place I've found Amadei is still Chocolopolis.

            1. Ballard Market also has a nice selection of specialty chocolates. It's on several shelves between two check-out lanes about halfway between the front doors. I'm almost positive I'm seen Michel Cluizel and many others but I'm not sure about Amedei. The often have my favorite Belgian chocolate bar, Cafe Tasse, in a variety of flavors.

              1. What about the Chocolate Box? I can't tell you if they have the chocolates you mentioned but they did have one of my favorites (Poco Dolce).

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                  In general, what is the range of prices for the high end chocolate bars mentioned in this post? E.g. is Corallo, Theo or the French bars more affordable per weight?

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                    These bars range from about $4 to $10, at the places I've visited, though I'm not so much of an expert to give you a breakdown by brand, unfortunately.

                2. By far the best deal is at Trader Joe's for Valrhona bars. A 100g bar costs around $3, which is cheaper than in Paris. This is such a good price that I use it for desserts and French pastries that I bake.

                  You can usually find Noir Amer (my fav for most purposes, including munching) along with one or two other Valrhona types. The same bars sell elsewhere for $4-5.

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                    Great tip, sounds delicious! Thanks!