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Sep 11, 2008 08:44 AM

Fine weekend lunch in San Jose area?

Do no good San Jose area restaurants serve lunch on the weekends? A six-month old makes even an early dinner sometimes problematic. However, Chez TJ, Sent Sovi, Manresa, The Village Pub, and others have no weekend lunch. Currently I think we're going to California Cafe, which has a half lunch, half brunch menu. Help?


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  1. Tapestry in Los Gatos is open 11:30-2 on Saturdays. Not quite as upscale as you have listed, but the food is good and they have a nice patio to enjoy your lunch.

    Dio Deka in LG has Sunday brunch from 10:30-2.

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      Ah, the Tapestry menu does look good. We're looking for lunch, not brunch, so that's a candidate. Ironically, our kid doesn't mind sitting quietly while we eat outside, so indoor dining is more of an attraction right now. Thanks.


    2. Trevese in Los Gatos would be an excellent choice, on par with your other suggestions. They have a Sunday brunch and a lovely terrace outside. It does face Santa Cruz Ave, but it's partitioned it off with shrubbery and it makes for a very pleasant place to linger. The dining room inside the Queen Anne home would be another option if outdoors doesn't appeal to you.

      1. Definitely try Dio Deka in Los Gatos if you're looking for a Sunday spot. The brunch menu actually features a number of lovely savory items from the regular menu. It's a white-tablecloth experience, and still a good place for kids--the staff is very accommodating and it's not too crowded on Sundays.

          1. Restaurant James Randall serves lunch on Saturdays. It's no Manresa, but it's pretty good. Closed Sundays