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Sep 11, 2008 08:20 AM

Turillo's Steakhouse in Jennerstown, PA

So, am I the only person in this area to not know about this hidden gem? Dean and I wanted to go out last night, and wanted to try somewhere new. Turillo's is a keeper.

Right on Route 30 at the light in Jennerstown, Turillo's has a retro neon sign that seems to be very popular on Flickr. When you walk in, it is super basic - cream colored walls, a small bar, and some booths split between two rooms. Menu is fairly basic – steaks, pasta, some seafood. We asked the waitress what steak she recommended, and she told us that the Porterhouse was beautiful that day. We ordered it with sauteed mushrooms, a baked potato and salad, and got some onion rings to share. Dean had a Yuengling Black and Tan, while I had a glass of chianti.

Not a high-end bar. Chianti was serviceable. The onion rings were crisp, hot and very tasty. Salad was a highlight. For anyone who remembers the old Fatigatti's restaurant near Bridgeville, this salad is an exact reincarnation (to my memory, at least). Bread was plentiful and served with real butter (often sadly missing from bread baskets in casual restaurants around here).

The steak covered the plate, was perfectly medium rare, and very good. The mushrooms were probably canned, which was kind of an insult to a good steak. Baked potato was perfectly done and happily missing its texture-destroying foil jacket. If you order butter or sour cream, see if you can get it on the side. We could barely see the potato under its mountain of condiments. We happily cleaned up every bite of our meal, and packed the resulting bone to gnaw on in the privacy of our own kitchen.

We finished up with a slice of a tasty pecan pie, probably from some local bakery.

The bill for this feast was $28. On my next trip, I'll likely skip the mushrooms and get my potato condiments on the side, but it was a satisfying meal in a funky place served by some seriously cool professional waitresses. We will definitely go back!


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  1. Really.....

    Yeungling Black and Tan
    A Porterhouse Steak
    Side of mushrooms
    Baked Potato with condiments
    Onion Rings
    Bread with real butter
    Pecan Pie

    all for $ that correct or a typo?

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    1. re: fourunder

      $28 plus tip, so more than 28 when all was said and done.

      1. re: lmariaschneider

        Incredible. In my neck of the woods, the two drinks alone would be near $20 with tip included.

        1. re: fourunder

          wow.. that's on the way to my boyfriend's house.. i'll have to check it out :) thanks!