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Sep 11, 2008 08:07 AM

Rhong Tiam - going tonight

Hi all - we're going to try Rhong Tiam tonight...any suggestions on must have menu options? We do love spicey but will try to avoid the pork dishes. THANKS!

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  1. the tom yam is very tasty, tho far from traditional
    the Crispy Catfish With Green Mango Salad = yum
    Two In Love: minced shrimp and chicken wok sauteed bamboo shoot and basil sauce tossed with aromatic crispy basil - how can that be bad? it can't!

    my full review is at the bottom of this thread:

    1. Roti Canai appetizer, Kao Soi entree. Also the coconut juice is great.

      1. Went there tues and really liked it. My friend and I both ordered the vegetarian farmer's market platter. Comes with a little bundle of carrot shavings and a little bundle of beet shavings and a small cone of brown rice. The main part of the dish is a taro basket (deep fried I think and delicious) filled with tofu and fresh veggies.
        Is the Kao Soi vegetarian, or can it be modified to be vegetarian?

        1. I agree with the Kao Soi reccomendation, but actually prefer sripraphai's version of that dish. Still delicious though, and yes, it can be made vegetarian--my friend asked last time I was there. I think they do an amazing Larb Gai as well.

          1. Went back last night. Still really like this place. Very nice food and very nicely priced.
            This time I ordered the vegetarian chinese water spinach dish. My brother had the farmer's market dish with chicken. That taro nest is so delicious.
            This time we checked out the desserts as well. We ordered the mango sticky rice (really nice) and the pumpkin custard which was so different from most desserts I find in nyc. There is a big wedge of baked kabocha squash on your plate, with a wonderful custard in the middle and some whipped cream and berry drizzle around it. So different and it worked. It was delicious.