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Sep 11, 2008 07:33 AM

Lunch between Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC

NYC Hound here..I'll be driving from Charlotte to Greenville next Tuesday and need someplace to stop for lunch. I would imagine I'll stop around the halfway point (not that I know where I'll be!)

Any/all suggestions welcomed!

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  1. It's only a 1 1/2 hour drive. If I were you I'd eat in either Charlotte or Greenville. Not much in between. If you must, i would suggest Wades, a very casual "meat and three" restaurant a few miles off I85 in Spartanburg...but you'll be almost to G'ville by then.

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    1. re: danna

      Thanks Danna. I figured as much. How about some recos in G'ville?

      1. re: harrison

        Glad to. Is there a particular part of town you'll be arriving in? Downtown, maybe?

        Geez, it's hard to give recs to a NYC hound...G'ville is somewhat lacking, so I'll try to take convenience into account.

        Otherwise, my favorite lunches are Murasake at Cherrydale, sit at the sushi bar; Mary's (downtown) froufy ladies who lunch joint , but w/ fantastic view of park from upstairs balcony; Bohemian for their burger (it's not a great burger, but this state has a no-rare-burger-unless-you-grind-it-fresh law) and house potato chips; Pita House, funky meditarranean; Doc Chey, americanized pan-asian; Whole Foods pizza bar.

        Avoid anything in this town w/ the word "deli" in it.

        Shoot me a locale and your preferences and I'll try to do better.

    2. Hi,
      Try the Bohemian..I met my Boss there. Its good.

      1. Thanks everyone. Due to timing and meeting other people, we ended up eating at some chain called California Dreaming right near where meeting was. I was dreaming that I was eating somewhere else! Blech...

        I'll keep these suggestions filed away for next time!