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Sep 11, 2008 07:02 AM

Woodgreen Fish & Chips Closed?

I've walked by this place a couple of times in the past week and there's a hand-written cardboard sign taped to the door that simply says 'closed'.

The fish and chips are really decent for the price, which like the decor (which I LOVE) hasn't changed since the 70s. I know the couple that ran the place were elderly but I'd hate to see this gem of a resto disappear...or worse...get gentrified...

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  1. I feel the same way about this nostalgic gem. Already wrote about it in the huge fish & chips thread when I noticed it was closed. Out of the 3 fish and chips shops on Queen Street East's Leslieville (Broadview to Jones) it was the best.

    Superior to both RELIABLE and B & B Fish and Chips in every way combined. ;)

    Although the ultimate best fish & chips shop in the neighborhood was on Broadview just south of Gerrard in East Chinatown. It no longer exists (closed over 20 years ago), but it was called Crown Fish & Chips. Actually, it was the best damn F&C shop in the entire UNIVERSE. I rest my case!!! :)

    Have to admit I always feel robbed when I pay for expensive priced fish & chips at other places when I've used to getting great F&C for a decent price at Woodgreen's. Remember in the UK, Fish & Chips always started out as a working class type of food. It was never intended to be overpriced over fancy. It's not to say I'll never eat $10 plus for a take-out order of fish and chips ever. I just won't pay for it myself. I'll get somebody else to buy my order if it's going to be overpriced like at CHIPPY'S or British Style all costing over $10 for a take-away order. LOL

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      You stoked some great memories of mine for Crown F&C! Another equally cherished long goner is the Geneva (Queen and Parliament)..

    2. Watching the elderly couple cooking the fish and chips was part of the show, he hardly spoke but just automacially moved her out of the way so he could through the chips into the next oil or draining rack. They were so used to working with each other they moved in automatic responses.

      1. Since I'm actually craving Fish and Chips right now and Woodgreen is definitely closed at the moment. There are only 2 alternative F&C shops in the east end of Toronto for me.

        1. Deep Blue Fish & Chips (Broadview just south of Danforth)

        2, Parkside Fish & Chips (Greenwood just south Gerrard)

        Gonna stop by Deep Blue at about 7pm to meet up with some friends for Fish&Chips tonight. Even though it's more expensive than Woodgreen, it sure doesn't cost over $10 bucks like CHIPPY'S and BRITISH STYLE for take-out orders. ;)

        1. Woodgreen is still closed right now. I certainly hope they are just on vacation and didn't throw in the towel by retiring after 30 plus years.

          Anyway, I'm seriously craving F&C again and I want affordable Fish and Chips. Almost 2 weeks ago my substitute for Woodgreen was DEEP BLUE. As much as I enjoyed their food I hated paying $8.95 plus taxes which came to $10.12 for take-out. Still a lot cheaper than CHIPPY's or BRITISH STYLE, but not cheap.

          Anyway, I'm going to Parkside tonight since I definitely find their F&C a lot better than RELIABLE and B&B fish and chips in the east Toronto neighbourhood of where I live.

          1. I'm officially sad right now because I got confirmation today that the owners of Woodgreen have retired for good.

            Passed by just coming home and I talked to the contractor doing work on the property. He stated his people were doing work on the place as the old Chinese couple have called it quits. He specifically told me once their contracting job is completed the space will be put up for lease.

            I'm sad because if I had the capital and enough preparation I would have taken over the fish and chips business. Now it's too late! :(

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              It IS very sad. They were a lovely couple. But 30 years is a long time.