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Sep 11, 2008 06:58 AM

Lunch near York college

I'll be working in the area and I am struggling to find decent lunch spots near the college. Subways sandwiches are fine every now and then. But where are some other lunch spots? Any suggestions?

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  1. Hmmm...a relatively unchowhounded area...It's a skip and a hop to downtown Flushing and its cornucopeia. Then there's Atlantic Ave over in Ozone Park. Let's see what people come up with!

    1. OK don't laugh but there's a Popeyes on Liberty Avenue right behind YOrk - good fried chicken and biscuits

      going toward the Van Wyck right after Tuckerton Street and before Sutphin there's a little deli called "little anthony's" nothing special but decent hot food and a good egg sandwich in the morning. Never had their pizza, so cann't vouch for it.

      continue (by car )on Liberty Avenue and cross the Van Wyck and you come to a west indian section. Sybils has a branch not too far off the van wyck. there are tons of other east and west indian options. I recently posted about a indonesian caribbean joint. Warung something or another -

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        Margherita Pizza is a classic pizzeria. It's somewhere on Jamaica Avenue, I believe west of Merrick. I haven't been there in a long time, but they have great slices.

      2. It's been quite awhile since I went to Jamaica, but a mall near York College had a decent food court with foods from around the world. I liked the Senegalese restaurant.

        Google brought up the following interesting choices:
        Maimas Liberian Bistro & Bar‎
        10647 Guy R Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, NY - (718) 206-3538‎ - 0.9 mi NW

        Seamorhen Fish & Chicken Catering
        (1 pretty positive review by Eric Asimov-Jerk Chicken etc.)
        11829 Guy R Brewer Blvd
        Jamaica, NY 11434
        (718) 723-9181‎

        Lavrador Portuguese Restaurant‎ (good Eric Asimov review and Gayot review)
        13840 101st Ave, Jamaica, NY - (718) 526-1526‎

        Churrasqueria Restaurant‎ - more info »
        9529 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica, NY - (718) 523-5293‎ -

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          Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll start venturing out and will report back. In the meantime, keep the suggestions coming!

          1. re: psykat99

            I work in that area as well, and I've found a few decent places in walking distance:

            Pio Pio Riko on Hillside and Parsons - I usually get 1/4 chicken with salad and tostones. The green sauce rocks!

            I second Margherita for pizza. It's expensive but delicious. Right off of Guy R. Brewer on Jamaica Ave.

            Cafe Arts and Carafes - on Jamaica, one block before Sutphin. Decent coffee shop and bakery. It's definitely the most Manhattan-ish eatery in the area. I've been disappointed a few times, but will occasionally order a salad or sandwich.

            Jamaica Market Food Court - the chinese restaurant in there is the best I've tried in the neighborhood. Also love the juice bar for shakes. The bakery has excellent red velvet cake, and there's a farmer's market every Friday on the 160th side.

            I've heard good thing about, but haven't yet been to - Falafel Station on Hillside next to Pio Pio Riko, Sagar on Hillside and 168th, Puerto Plata on Jamaica Ave near Sutphin.

            I've been working in this neighborhood for almost a year, and still on the hunt for more lunch options. If you find anything worth trying, please post!