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Sep 11, 2008 06:54 AM

Rockport/Cape Ann - Quality Dinner/Wine

Visitors from Sweden, canada, US meeting in Rockport area-looking for quality local seafood and restaurant with quality wine list or BYOB

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    1. As far as I'm concerned My Place by the Sea is a must stop in Rockport. It's not specifically a seafoood restaurant but the seafood they cook is excellent. Wine list us great. Plus the view is spectacular especially as the sun sets. Out of town guests will love it.

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      1. re: pondrat

        up until a friend at work went a month or so ago and thought MPBtS was great i would of had this on my must-miss list for people looking for great dining. now, not so much. although i do think they rely on the view to sell the place. i've also read reports about the service being hit or miss.

        1. re: ScubaSteve

          My Place by the Sea.

          Based on two visits last summer and three the year before.
          A classic case of their reach being greater than their grasp. They simply miss - in terms of service, food preparation and food presentation.
          Well intentioned, certainly, in terms of menu.
          Service is amateur-ish and probably reflects the problems recruiting and retaining skilled servers to a place only open 5-7 months a year.

          Last time I went, I felt like the dinner was an awful lot of money (close to $200 for two, IIRC) for a mediocre experience.

          I live in Rockport, year round, and for special treats, we go to Duckworth or Franklin Cafe.

          1. re: bgavin

            so i'm guessing (probably correctly) that my friend's experience was a fluke.

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              I've been twice this year without incident and had great meals both times. Service staff does tend to be young. Maybe I just didn't care as much about service being slow, because I really liked sitting there.

              I do agree with bgavin's Franklin cafe recommendation as far as food's terrific..I'm just not quite sure a downtown Gloucester venue would be that memorable for international visitors. The deck on the roof was nice but it was just that...a deck on a roof with lattice work blocking the view of air conditioning systems on other roofs. Better experienced when it's very dark outside. Again the food is terrific.