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Sep 11, 2008 06:34 AM


Anything along the line of Trotters in WP right now?

Requirements: no charges for bread, portions larger than miniscule, valet parking is okay.

I'm seeking a restaurant like Trotters for a special occasion, on a weekday, where two women can get animated, iow, no stuffy restaurants permitted.

Oh, and the other party doesn't eat meat.

I have, so far, Sushi Nanase for sushi, but that's about it.


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  1. Assuming she DOES eat fish, you might try (the recently discussed here) Meson los espanoles. A large portion of their menu is seafood. If she's vegetarian, it's less clearcut, but I imagine they'd come up with something. Just realized you were also thinking about sushi, so the vegetarian thing is moot.

    1. Nothing like Trotters in White Plains right now... 42 is "Trotters" with a much more expensive menu.

      You have legal Seafood for fish but it's not that great a restaurant anymore.

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      1. re: kaaaassss

        Good point, Westjanie. I'm not sure on the fish, so that would let out sushi. If she does, Meson sounds good.

        Yes, kaaassss, I ate at a Legal Seafood in Boston and found it to be just another chain.

        Any outstanding Italian these days?

        There's always Port Chester.

        1. re: dolores

          Nothing outstanding. I like LaBocca in White Plains and Rustica on Central Avenue in Scarsdale by the Ford Dealership.

          1. re: kaaaassss

            Rustico is very good. Nice to see someone mention it.

            1. re: laylag

              People forget that there are quite a few gems in Westchester. Everyone is so busy rushing to the "hottest" place, they forget about restaurants like Rustica.

      2. Not sure how you feel about the Tango Grill in WP, I know it gets mixed reviews. I've never been there myself but have wanted to try it. I checked out the menu and there are alot of pasta dishes.

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        1. re: GIOny

          Thanks, GIOny. Went there once, and I wasn't impressed. Then a friend said they charge $12. (or more) for a glass of sangria. And they don't have a parking lot. Not for me.

          Actually, after another wonderful dinner at Spadaro in NR, we're going there. It's got it all, and we're working out the logistics.

          Thanks everyone.

          1. re: dolores

            Dolores, does Spadaro take reservations. We live in WP but have no problem traveling for a meal. my impression from other postings no reservation policy.
            Has any one tired Panache which replaced Trotters (same owner). Have heard some good things, re, the lamb chops. small dishes?

            1. re: martyl9

              Yes, martyl9, Spadaros does take reservations. That said, you're better off going there on a weeknight, as some weekenders seem to think they have the table to themselves for the entire night.

              Penice (formerly Trotters) charges for bread. That's a big 'no way' for me.

                1. re: valerie

                  I know. It was a typo. Still a 'no way' place for me.

                  1. re: dolores

                    did not recall that re the bread. too bad. with all of the new restaurants in wp in the last few years, quit disappointing.
                    will have to try out Spadaro; do you know if walking distance to the metro north train station?

                    1. re: martyl9

                      If you like walking, marty, I guess it could be. It's near where the Armory used to be, do you remember that? On Main Street, right across from the City Yard.

                      1. re: dolores

                        thanks Dolores, will have to map quest it.
                        thanks again