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Sep 11, 2008 06:11 AM

Anyone know anything about Gautreau's

It used to be my mother's all-time favorite restaurant when I was a kid, a fair many moons ago. I've actually never been. Would you go here or to Patois? (never been there, either).

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  1. Sue Zemanick of Gautreau's was named Best New Chef by Food & Wine mag. I'd choose it over Patois (but others may disagree).

    1. I would go to Gautreau's over Patois 10 out of 10 times.

      1. recently had a great dinner at Gautreau's, the atmosphere is a little loud for older people, but the food was amazing. Also, the service was impeccable and the place was packed.

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          Agree with everything thing that's been said.

        2. Ok, it was a great meal. The corn soup special was a standout, my bf's snapper with gnocci looked gorgeous (he said it was). Solid, salads, liked the macademia nuts in the bib, friend had the sweetbreads, very happy, and the duck, ditto. I had the wild mushroom perogies, and they were great. And the desserts, my oh my. I'm running out of exclamations. All superlative (except perhaps the special, a flan stuffed with cream cheese and served with strawberries and balsamic, that one seemed a bit much), but my wild berry cobbler with pecan ice cream, was absolutely delicious, the whole table agreed it was the star. (had a time of it keeping any for myself with the rest diving in) Friendly service, fine wine. Thanks for the reccs, it was definitely worth going.