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Sep 11, 2008 05:49 AM

Veg dim sum house, Buddha Bodai, or Dim Sum Go Go?

I have been to veg dim sum house and loved some dishes, not so much others.

Which of these three places would you recommend for a veg diner? (I realize Dim Sum Go Go is not veg, but I read on Chow that they have a large veg menu).

I like mock meat foods but prefer dishes with lots of fresh veggies and more simple protein sources, like tofu.


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  1. I personally like the vegetarian dim sum at Dim Sum Go Go a lot. I also do not enjoy mock meat and seitan, and rather have dishes made with fresh vegetables and tofu (the real thing, not those "fake" stuff) if I am eating vegetarian. Dim Sum Go Go's veg dim sum are mainly made with vegetables and fugus and I enjoyed them a lot. They have a vegetarian dim sum platter with 10 different veg dim sum in one dim sum tray, so that probably the best way to go.

    I found the dim sum (the steamed ones) at Veg dim sum house having dumpling skins that are too thick. I didn't enjoy Buddha Bodai at all.

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      Haven't been to Buddga Bodai, and I personally love mock meat, but otherwise I agree with kobetobiko's take.

    2. I went to go go and both my omnivore husband (who is half chinese and very picky about his dim sum) and I loved it.
      We had previously resorted to going to 9 Chatham for him and then Veg dim sum house for me! Now we can both get our dim sum in one place! I got the veg dim sum platter. Everything was marvelous. Thanks, you two.