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Sep 11, 2008 05:48 AM

Help! Tampa tonight! Anything New?

Unexpectedly have an extra night in Tampa today. For the group I'm with, looking for something along the lines of Sideberns, Roys, Charleys, etc. We all spend severl days in Tampa each year; so have tried virtually all of the usual top rex on this board several times. We're trying to come up witih someplace to go tonight that is top quality food, price not an object; but casual attire only. No ethnic eateries tonight due to the likes and dislikes of some of the group. A couple of places we've never been are Cafe Ponte and St. Barts that I've seen on this board in the past. We're near the airport; but we have cars so can travel. Interesting cocktails/good bar a plus. Any suggestions?

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  1. My wife and I recently went to Grille One Sixteen on N. Dale Mabry and loved it. It's got a really, funky club-like atmosphere, but it's still rather intimate. The food was really good (I had sea bass and wife had filet), and they have some terrific side dishes -- try the tater tots! The wine list is decent, but they often have a few special bottles that aren't on the menu, so be sure to ask. I definitely recommend it.

    1. Try Grille One Sixteen on N. Dale Mabry. My wife and I just went, and we loved it. It's got a really funky, swanky club-like atmosphere, but it still remains rather intimate. The steaks were good, and the fish was even better. Also, be sure to treat yourself to the tater tots and donuts for dessert.

      1. St Barts is gone now and Ceviche has moved into that location. But you may enjoy Ceviche, especially with a group and a large budget. The tapas are great and I love their champagne sangria. If you google it their menu is online.

        1. Cafe Ponte is excellent but not too casual. It would still be business casual there. But St. Bart's is closed if my memory serves me correct.

          Another place that is not too ethnic is Ceviche. That would be a great experience and casual should be fine.


          1. maybe not along the lines of Sideberns, Roys, Charleys...but definitely casual.
            Maddogs on South MacDill. here's the menu

            Sit outside and you might even catch a breeze or two.