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Sep 11, 2008 04:56 AM

Greenville SC - Casual Sunday Lunch

We will be in Greenville this Sunday and would love to hear suggestions for a decent lunch. Many of the places mentioned on Chowhound seem to be closed on Sundays.

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  1. If I wind up in Greenville at lunchtime, I either go to Bohemian or Mary Ellen's. You asked for decent, both are. They are not significantly better than decent, but if you're just looking for someplace that is relaxed and won't give you slop...there you go. Both are brunch-y type lunches. Both have outdoor seating. The atmosphere is better at Bohemian, but the breakfast items are better at Mary Ellen's. Bohemian has a make your own bloody mary bar if you're into that.

    1. Soby's, Latitudes and High Cotton on Main street all have lunch. (GOOD)

      I think Oysters by falls park is also open for lunch on Sunday. (also good)

      Mary Beths by the new Publix down town has Sunday lunch. Service is OK and food is good.
      All of the above have a full bar on Sunday.

      City Range on Heywood rd is also open I think.