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Sep 11, 2008 02:51 AM

Venezia and Milano

Hi again!

As I mentioned before I am currently working Harvest in the Franciacorta region! Once I finish my obligation, I am going on an a culinary, cultural and wine adventure! I am gong to be in Venezia from Friday, October 3 through Monday, October 6 then leaving and taking the train to Milano. I will be travelling with my Mother, which will be a great time!

I am looking for restaurant rececommendations! I am looking for local, regionally represenative cuisines. I am not looking for chains, and restaurants that cater to the tourists. Althogth I will probably stop at Harry's and get the obligatory Bellini!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!


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  1. You might want to check out this recent report - it's an excellent start...;

    And as a fellow wine geek - I can highly recommend these wine bars: La Cantina, Al Prosecco, Cavatappi, Vinus Venezia, Il Mondo du Vino...

    There aren't too many places in Venice that don't have ANY tourists. But, read the report above and do some searches here and you should do quite nicely.

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      1. re: WineGeekSF

        Ack - one wine bar is Un Mondo di Vino - NOT what I typed above. On the Salizzada San Canciano in Cannaregio.

    1. A Bellini in Harry's Bar? And you want to avoid mega tourist places.

      Don't do it! You will only end up feeling bad about yourself.

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      1. re: Tuscanlover

        I don't agree - I love Harry's Bar! But yes the Bellinis are a bit overpriced.

        If you get a coffee or prosecco there, it's not so bad.

        1. re: Shannon

          Tis true.. I said I do not like touristy places.. :) More so for food, than drinks. It is such an institution hard to miss it! Also I am in the restaurant industry. Should be an intersting time..

          1. re: WineGeekSF

            In that case (being in the business) you should definitely go to Harry's Bar. I understand that it is an object lesson on how NOT to treat customers.

            1. re: Tuscanlover

              Sorry to hear you've had such bad experiences there... I've always had great service at Harry's and I have been there many, many times. But - I always sit at the bar so I cannot really speak for the table service. The bartenders there are great and totally un-snooty, even to people who order the cheapest drinks and have purple hair. :)