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Sep 11, 2008 02:45 AM

Alessi Sicilian soup in a pouch?

Which one is your favorite? Just tried the Sicilian split pea soup and it was very good and tasted like nothing out there.

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  1. I like this soup too. The white bean I add more chicken stock, more macaroni and crumbled cooked leftover meat like chicken or sausage-serve with tons of cracked black pepper and parm.
    Perfect for a FAST dinner.

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    1. re: Boccone Dolce

      Any idea how authentic is this soup? Does it really taste like the real deal in Southern Italy?

      1. re: ilsorpasso

        I'm from Jersey... I've never been to Italy.
        Not exactly how either of my Grandmother's made soup. My Mom actually told me about the brand. I jazz it up and it's good chow. For $2.99 you can do a lot worse.

        1. re: Boccone Dolce

          i think some taste good. i actually really like the tuscan white bean but was disappointed to find they have MSG. just an fyi for those who care or are affected by it. i can still eat it but i know folks who have to be careful. i definitely find it nice to have in the closet for an emergency.

          1. re: AMFM

            No wonder it tastes so good with the MSG.