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Sep 11, 2008 02:21 AM

Pacherenc du Vic Bilh - Bouscassé - 2000

I picked up this bottle in France last week when looking for some interesting dessert wine alternatives. I have been sippin' it over that last couple of days........just a chilled glass after dinner (instead of dessert).

It is a good example of sweet late harvest wine, whith a nice balance of sharpness to make it stimulating and maybe a touch of oxidation which also appeals to me in sweet wines (like the Tokajis of yesteryear).

But what really got me surprised was the Price of 10 Euros. Considering the high production costs of these late harvests I never though you could get this quality at those prices from France.

Anyone found similar results?

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  1. France remains the source of incredible bargains . . . even with the strong Euro/weak Dollar.

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      France (and Italy) have some hidden gems along with some disappointing bottles ....actually, your post got me about launching a thread to deal with these "hidden gems"? ....after all many of us love the thrill of the chase and the discovery of the unknown "appelations".
      Here is my starter stake: Pacherenc is sure to be fairly osbcure to the many but, believe me, well worth hunting down.