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Sep 11, 2008 01:08 AM

Fro Yo

I am new to the LA area (and to Chowhound) and am a major frozen yogurt addict--but NOT the Pinkberry type. I prefer the more artificial stuff like TCBY :)
Does anyone know where I can find Columbo frozen yogurt? Their peanut butter fro yo is truly excellent. Thank you!!!

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  1. The major players in this arena are the bigg chill, penguins and the place on ventura that used to be a bigg chill.

    1. I think you mean Studio Yogurt. alexissu can also try places like Humphrey Yogart, Menchie's, Yogurt Zone, a few of the baskin Robbin's and so on.

      Don't know if they have columbo, though. Most places use things like Wow Cow, Skinnie Minnie, Carb-a-whey, or their own mix. My fave is Menchie's, cause I get to serve myself.

      1. You might also like the yogurt from the Golden Spoon chain. I adore their peanut butter flavor...really tastes like eating peanut butter.

        1. Some fine suggestions here. I would add 21 Choices in Pasadena's Old Town. Their flavors change constantly, though.

          1. Anyone been to the new self-serve froyo spot on Van Nuys? Any reviews?