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Fro Yo

I am new to the LA area (and to Chowhound) and am a major frozen yogurt addict--but NOT the Pinkberry type. I prefer the more artificial stuff like TCBY :)
Does anyone know where I can find Columbo frozen yogurt? Their peanut butter fro yo is truly excellent. Thank you!!!

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  1. The major players in this arena are the bigg chill, penguins and the place on ventura that used to be a bigg chill.

    1. I think you mean Studio Yogurt. alexissu can also try places like Humphrey Yogart, Menchie's, Yogurt Zone, a few of the baskin Robbin's and so on.

      Don't know if they have columbo, though. Most places use things like Wow Cow, Skinnie Minnie, Carb-a-whey, or their own mix. My fave is Menchie's, cause I get to serve myself.

      1. You might also like the yogurt from the Golden Spoon chain. I adore their peanut butter flavor...really tastes like eating peanut butter.

        1. Some fine suggestions here. I would add 21 Choices in Pasadena's Old Town. Their flavors change constantly, though.

          1. Anyone been to the new self-serve froyo spot on Van Nuys? Any reviews?

            1. My favorite fro yo spot is Yogurtland. It's a franchise chain with several locations, perhaps including the spot Diana is asking about. The two locations I've visited are on La Brea and 3rd, and on Central in Little Tokyo next to Izayoi. The Little Tokyo location bigger and cleaner but both good. They sell about 15 -20 different flavors of fro yo (with about 10 being the traditional artificial kind and about three Pinkberry-like tarts and a few fruits flavors). Lots and lots of fresh fruit and dry toppings, even bizaare ones like red bean and chopped cheesecake. You can sample a few flavors , then serve yourself the yogurt and toppings (don't try to mix too many flavors -- it will melt and be gross -- trust me) and then they weigh and you pay. At .30 an ounce, which comes out to roughly 60% the cost of Pinkberry, but their tart flavors are every bit as good, some better. I LOVE the pineapple tart they sometimes have. I had en enormous one last night -- a Pinkberry large -- for $4.00.

              I also love the froyo at the newish produce spot called Farm Boy (across from eastbound 10 onramp on Overland in Rancho Park) but their Pinkberry like too so won't do much for the OP. Mango or blueberry tart to die for, little more expensive than Yogurtland; lot less expensive than Pinkberry.

              Both worth the visit.

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                There is A Farm Boy (the original)that has been around for a long time in Sherman Oaks on Riverside (next to TJ's) as hounds know, it is a good spot for froyo!

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                  Wow, I never knew that the WLA Farm Boy wasn't the first or that it already has a rep on these boards! I love that place. Sometimes you can get a basket of raspberries for .99. I thought I did a search for Farm Boy and came up empty handed, have been meaning to post about it.

              2. Is Columbo even around anymore? I lvoed their pb yogurt too. Studio Yogurt in Studio City is pretty good (corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd, kinda hard to find tucked away in a mini-mall). Vanilla and Chocolate at the Cosco Food Window is good, and a great bargain at $1.35 (don't have to be a Costco member to eat at their window!)

                1. i think Menchie's might actually have Colombo, but don't quote me on it - call them & ask.

                  you should also try Yogurt Factory on SM Blvd in WLA. they always have a few flavors of "regular" yogurt [i.e. not the sugar-free stuff] available, including PB.

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                    Menchies makes their own mix, I believe.

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                      hmmm...i called them once when they first opened & asked what kinds of yogurt they carried. i could have sworn Colombo was one of the brands they mentioned. maybe i'm misremembering. in any case, these places tend to change things a lot, so it's always best to call.

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                      i love yogurt factory.

                      agree that Yogurt Zone always has Columbo. Big Chill, Studio Yogurt, all good recs too. Sometimes Penguin's has it. They're all over... Beverly Hills, Westwood, etc.

                      In the valley, there's Yogurt Delite at Coldwater and Magnolia, and their machines produce great yogurt.

                      In the city, Toppers tends to carry Columbo on Beverly just west of La Brea. There's also Beverly Yogurt at Crescent Heights and Beverly, but it's very pricey.

                      Also, Yogurtland (in ref to above post) is like Pinkberry (what the OP does *not* want).

                      Farm Boy is good, but it's Pinkberry-esque in that it's yogurt with do it yourself toppings, and it doesn't have a variety of flavors. It's certainly not tart like Pinkberry, but you're never gonna find Peanut Butter Columbo there

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                        pinkberry does not have do it yourself toppings.

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                          that came out wrong, i meant to describe the type of fresh fruit toppings and that similarity, my bad. please accept my apology.

                    3. Yoku Yoku in West LA has very good Peanut Butter yogurt as well. They look like a Pinkberry clone, but have a number of traditional, sweet and creamy yogurts.