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Sep 11, 2008 12:24 AM

Yup, another hors d'oeuvres query

I've searched the board, honest I have, but I'm not really finding what I need. I committed to prepare a couple of trays of hors d'oeuvres to bring to a cocktail hour held at a location 30 mins. from home where there is no refrigerator or oven. So many great sounding recipes here need heating just before serving, and that won't work. They need to fill these requirements:

1. Tasty at room temp--i.e., for 90 mins. from leaving the fridge or oven.
2. Can survive sitting around for an hour without sogginess issues.
3. Finger food that can just be picked up from a tray, not messy, preferably edible in just a bite or two for each piece--there will be plates, but no utensils.
4. At least some need to be hearty, protein heavy, because people will be eating these at 7 pm without having eaten since lunch, and they probably won't get any dinner till 9.
5. Nothing that smells too pungent--the event is in a school library, and we can't leave lingering odors for the next school day--so definitely no hard boiled egg recipes.

Someone else is doing the cheese and crackers thing. I thought of shrimp salad on endive leaves and cherry tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese mixed with caviar. Cheese straws? I think I need something more unexpected. I await your thoughts.

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  1. Hummus and pita bread triangles? If you cut the triangles small-ish, these can be one-bite eats and fulfill all yr other criteria.

    Spinach pie (spanakopita), again cut into more bite size pieces.

    Gougeres are also supposed to also taste good at room temp.

    Both gougeres and spinach pie can be baked, and then transported and set up within your time frame. Don't cover them when transporting, or just lightly tent with a paper towel to protect them (leaving lots of gaps) so that they don't get soggy from the steam. You can't re-heat these well.

    1. I know you said the event is in the school library ... I'm just wondering if you could have access to the teacher's lounge (I know ours has a fridge and small stove) that'd open up possibilities for you.

      Otherwise I like the cherry tomatoes idea. Thinking of protein options at room temp... maybe something like this tart done as tartlets? or would salmon be too pungent?

      1. If people like spicy food, I often make stuffed jalepenos. Mix together sm.diced chicken, shredded cheddar &/or monteray jack, some sour cream, sm. diced, seeded tomato, & sliced scallion. Stuff halved/cleaned jalepeno halves, & bake for @ 20-25 min. at 375 degrees. Fabulous!!

        1. i'm often asked to bring hors d'oeuvres for cocktail parties here are a few of my go to's when no refrigeration or oven is available at the hosted location:

          1) thinly sliced english cuke w/ boursin and smoked salmon
          2) cherry peppers stuffed with goat cheese or boursin (i usually buy the hot and sweet and put them on separate platters)
          3) any flavor of meatball w/ dipping sauce - i usually do 1 beef, 1 chicken and 1 pork - all flavored differently with a special sauce for each
          4) artichoke hearts (get the canned ones packed in water, not oil) wrapped with bacon - bake in the oven until bacon is crisp
          5) prosciutto wrapped figs or dates stuffed with blue cheese or goat cheese
          6) crudite w/ some specially yummy dipping sauces
          7) chicken and/or beef satay with peanut dipping sauce
          8) grape tomatoes, basil & bococcini (little mozzeralla balls) on toothpicks drizzled with balsamic and EVOO
          9) shrimp and/or shrimp cocktail

          enjoy your party!

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          1. re: chicaraleigh

            I'm going to borrow several of your ideas. They sound great.

            I was thinking of prosciutto wrapped asparagus, though asparagus isn't really in season. Also stuffed mushrooms travel well. Mince the stems, shallots, and prosciutto, saute, stir in some goat cheese and bread crumbs. Rub the mushroom caps with olive oil, stuff them and bake at 350 degrees for about twenty minutes.

          2. Something I like for this, and I think it'll do you OK is a sort of pinwheel.

            I take deli slices of meat (you can choose different varieties), not paper thin ones, though. Spread softened cream cheese on top, then perhaps a bit of horseradish sauce or not. Then put some matchstick veggies in the middle (or maybe some herbs, or a salt and pepper sprinkle), like thin carrots or thin cucumbers, or thin radishes. Roll this up tightly, then put in the fridge, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap or foil. You can make these a day ahead. To serve, take out of the fridge and using a sharp knife, slice into pinwheels (you decide how thick to slice them).

            You can use different kinds of meat, different veggies, different cheeses (maybe goat cheese instead of cream cheese), and different spices to create different flavours.