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Sep 10, 2008 11:55 PM

Kee Wah Bakery in Dublin

Several times I've posted that Kee Wah in Milpitas (near Ranch 99) was my favorite Chinese bakery in the Bay Area. Maybe distance makes the heart grow fonder, as Milpitas is about the farthest point off my usual chow haunts. So, I was most intrigued to when "cvhound" said that Dublin's branch is so much better! After our chowlunch at neighboring Koi Palace, we beat it over there to check out the bakery and pick up some treats to take home.

Now that I've consumed the old wife cake, pineapple bun, and tri-star (onion, bacon, cheese) bun, yes, I have to agree with her. This branch is better, and some of the items are made a bit differently too and good in their own way. Baking is done on site, though the famous moon cakes may be trucked in.

I like that the ingredients are clearly labeled in English, and of course, I'm happy to see "refined lard" and "butter" on many of them. The lard in the old wife cake really makes a difference in the taste and texture of those papery sheets of pastry. This should be a Slow Food entry.

I'd be interested in hearing what others favorites are at this branch.

Kee Wah Bakery
4288 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568

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  1. Melanie, did you or other hounds happen to try their thousand-year egg pastry (pei dan sou) or their walnut cookie (hup toh sou)? Those two are my favorite items at both locations of Kee Wah in Milpitas.

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      Oh shoot! I picked up a pack of walnut cookies, but put it down again. Pei dan sou isn't my thing, but I do think this place does a great job with the flaky-type baked pastries. I got a chicken pie (gai pie), and even though I didn't consume it until two days later, it crisped up beautifully in the toaster oven and was great. It's been a while since I've been to either Milpitas location, but this seemed puffed up even more and more delicate layering.

      Kee Wah Bakery
      386 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035

      Kee Wah Bakery
      1718 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035

    2. Melanie, I;m so glad you liked the bakery!

      My favorite items are the hot dog rolls (at $1.25/each, a couple of these make for a cheap tasty snack or even a light meal), the pineapple buns (the custard is a tad sweet for my taste, but I love the soft sweet roll surrounding the custard which to me tastes like Hawaiian bread, but better), the large round custard breads (very rich tasting), the sliced milk breads and the bags of individually wrapped panda cookies ($2.50).

      The sliced milk breads are great for making thick-sliced french toast or bread puddings. I usually pick up a couple of bags of cookies for coworkers who have young children. The kids go nuts over the cute panda motif. Also, since they're individually wrapped, you can eat a single cookie with a cup of tea or coffee without digging into an entire bag at one sitting. That is, if you can exercise greater self-control than me, lol. They have a similar-sized chocolate cookie, but they're not very "chocolate-tasting." The egg custards under the heat lamps are pretty good as well.

      Last but not least, I find the workers much more friendly at this location than the one in Milpitas.

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      1. re: cvhound

        The sweet dough here uses butter instead of margarine, and is that much better for it. Really good flavor for the bread component of the buns.