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Lansky's (UWS) - Jewish deli opens 9/25

Lansky's Jewish Deli (Columbus near W70th) is scheduled to open 9/25 as a sign on their window announces. http://lanskysnyc.com/ The menu actually looks good and I noticed the Sushi-a-Go-Go icon on their website. Hmm.... I am excited about this. The sign states they are open until 11PM but the website lists a 1am closing. Perhaps the early closing is just for opening day.

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  1. I have a bit of a concern about the authenticity of a restaurant that lists "noches" on their menu.

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      that is clearly a website typo, as on the pdf of their menu it says "noshes"

      everything certainly looks like standard jewish deli food (i won't use the "a" word) although it clearly is not a kosher place. ( and i wouldnt call a wine list in such a place traditional either) but the food certainly looks like a good and tasty selection. and that beats "authentic" any day of the week in my book

    2. I was excited for something other than Artie's in the neighborhood, but I'm not certain how closely Executive Chef Servando Galeano recreates Bubbe's kitchen.

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        they already selling T-shirts and hats?? i'm not optimistic

      2. It's hard to be optomistic a celebrity chef trying to re-create a an old new york jewish deli. Matzo brei w/carmelized onions and smoked salmon, yuck! No LEO though? We shall see. I did notice that theres, no "trafe" on the menu. That may be a good sign.

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          it might not say "LEO" but there is smoked smoked salmon & onion omelette

        2. Oh well... Lansky's has not yet opened and the windows are still covered with paper.

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            Update: Lansky's is scheduled to open next Friday, 10/10 according to one of the managers/owners who I just caught outside. Since he was having a conversation abut shifts, I figured I should ask.

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              Since WCBS just did a report on this place, I quess it is now open. I just about jumped into my TV when I saw the report!!

              I have a family member who lives in area and he plans on visiting it very soon.
              If I get any direct feed back, I will let you all know.

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                i live nearby and welcome any feedback/reports...

          2. There were reports when it first opened that were not at all positive:


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              I was among those who posted a review of this place in the link obie000000 listed above.
              I did wind up returning 2-3 weeks ago to give it another try. While I did see a slight improvement in the pastrami, it's still pretty bad and doesn't even come close to the pastrami I've tasted in the well-known pastrami places. I can't exactly describe the difference but I think the best I can do is call it artificial. It just doesn't taste nor look like the real thing. I'm obviously not a pastrami expert by any stretch but I've tasted pastrami at Artie's Deli, Katz, 2nd Ave Deli (before it moved), Pastrami Queen (UES), Fine and Shapiro (UWS), Pastrami King (Kew Gardens), as well as at a great German deli in Maspeth. Unfortunately, this is the worst of the bunch even though some of the places I mentioned above are not very good.

              However, the server was extremely nice and competent. The fries, pickles, potato latke and cheesecake were all very good, and the value was reasonable (decent-sized servings with fair prices). I also like the size of the place and appreciate their willingness to seat customers in the back even when it is not busy.

              So I still see this as a place to grab some food (other than pastrami). I am disappointed b/c Lansky's Deli is so close to my place that I would have been simply delighted to schlep a couple of blocks for great pastrami rather than to head up to Artie's Deli.

              I'd love to hear about other experiences.

            2. I am by no means an expert in traditional deli items. I have, however, had good and bad matzo ball soup, and Lansky's is on my list of really good ones. My boyfriend and I went just last night. Their matzo balls were light and fluffy, and there were chunks of white meat chicken in our generously sized bowls. The broth is very rich and flavorful. At $4.50, it's a really good deal.

              Their latkes are good, but we preferred the ones at Barney Greengrass. I'm not sure if it was because they were busy last night, but the Lansky's latkes were not as crisp on the outside as I like.

              We split a corned beef reuben, which we both enjoyed. The corned beef was nice and lean, but I would have preferred a little more sauerkraut. Portions are generous, so a bowl of soup each, an order of latkes and half a sandwich was filling.

              I've been twice, and overall, I'd definitely go back just for the matzo ball soup.

              1. Can anyone tell how Lansky's stacks up compared to Fine & Schapiro's or Artie's? Sometimes one's in the mood for a quick bite in the neighborhood, and in this cold weather it'd be nice to be able to grab and go some place.

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                  I haven't been to Fine & Schapiro's or Artie's to know how Lansky's compares. But I just returned from breakfast there this morning and figured I would report.

                  We were out to get the paper and kind of spontaneously wandered in. I vaguely recalled reading that breakfast was very reasonably priced so we figured we would give it a try.

                  Price was very reasonable. We had corned beef hash with two eggs, bagel with nova and cream cheese, one orange juice and one coffee. Total bill before tip: under $17. Overall, the food was okay - certainly nothing exceptional. But for the money, it's hard to really complain. The eggs were cooked just right (ordered "over easy" and the yolks were appropriately runny). The bagel wasn't so tasty but the nova was decent. Orange juice was advertised as fresh squeezed I thought (definitely "fresh" something) but it tasted more like something out of a carton. But it cost $2 for a large serving. Coffee was weak. On the plus side, service was pleasant and attentive.