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Sep 10, 2008 08:49 PM

Where to take a group of 30 to eat in Downtown Montreal (near McGill)

I need to book a very good to great restaurant for an out-of-town group of 30-35 people in a downtown restaurant for a Saturday night in early November -- preferably within walking distance of the hotels which are on Sherbrooke St West near Ave du Parc, just west of the McGill campus.
Do any of these restaurants have a private dining room?
My price point would be up to $75 per person (including tax & tip).
It really has to be great food because this is a sophisticated group who travel a lot.

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  1. at 75$ per person you can go to the trendy places like Cavalli on peel or take them to the St-Laurent street jet set are. Buano note and co. Or right on parc avenue for a very good french restaurant Chez Gautier .

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    1. re: 30sr30s

      Last time I checked, Chez Gautier was Belgian (not French). Last time I ate there it was OK but not very good. Also $75 per person would probably not go very far at Cavalli, Buonanotte, Globe, etc.

      You might be able to do something interesting at Ferreira on Peel which has private rooms upstairs.

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        Hi eat2much:
        Last time I checked Chez Gauthier was French Cuisine and even known as a French Bistro. A friend also once tolm me it's a brasserie parisienne.

        Maybe the owners are Belgians. I also know they have a connection with Patisserie Belge next door.

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          I stand corrected for Cavalli. 75$ won't take you far unless you just go for a main course but the whole package with wine and tips is more 150$.

          I was thinking that maybe Hotel Opus might be an option on the corner of St-Laurent and Sherbrooke. Their cuisine is apparently very good and entertaining. it's cheaper than Cavalli but 75$ won't include tips and taxes

        2. re: 30sr30s

          If great food is a criteria then Buonna Note has to ruled out. I would suggest Decca 77which might fit the bill. Bronte might be too expensive but could be a worthwhile option.

        3. I think you'll have a hard time getting great food for $75 or under, unless you go to Lemeac or Ferreira after 10pm.

          I am assuming you want to have appetizer, main, dessert, and wine.

          I think $100 would be more do-able.

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          1. re: souschef

            Restaurants will make a group menu for you , with 3 choices of mains usually,
            and a pre determined amount of wine per person; for $75 including tax and tip,that would be the safest route to go for your group.
            Il Cortile offered us a group menu recently, food only was $45 pp, so if I factor in half a bottle of wine per person, let's say another $20 minimum, that would have been 65$ before tax and service.
            If you are excluding wine from your price, and everyone will be ordering and paying for that separately, your choices will expand.

            1. re: superbossmom

              How about brasserie brunoise near the forum?? My partner just set up a post conference dinner for 30 for the end of Sept. and they gave us a good menu selection with decent wine pairings. One advantage is that it's a smallish so you could pretty much have the run of the place. Ate at Decca 77 last week for the second time--was not impressed. (had to send back my food--which I never do--but a steak should never be THAT salty--was told something silly about anchovie reduction). Brunoise is a good bet, will satisfy the foodies (not the most fancy but local style dishes) and within your price point. Good luck....