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Sep 10, 2008 08:22 PM

ethnic lunch buffet recs for Tysons Corner, VA?

I'm looking for some recommendations for some good ethnic lunch buffets in the Tysons Corner, VA area. I recently tried Bombay Tandoor and it was enjoyable. I used to go to Songbird ten years ago, and I'm curious to know if it is still worth checking out.

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  1. Songbird is probably the best buffet around Tysons. I've been to Bombay Tandoor and their lack of variety keeps me from going more often. Also Bombay Tandoor pretty much only cooks chicken and vegetables for their buffet. It's pretty obvious that they try to keep their cost down.

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      What's on the buffet (is the buffet at lunch only?) at Songbird and how much does it cost? I've always kept away from that place because I don't want karaoke with my meals.

      1. re: MikeR

        With a soda and tip, it's about $16. I think the buffet is lunch only. There's a cold station with your usual banchans. The hot station usually has at least two BBQ beef, one spicy, one not, tempura vegetables, and scallion pancakes. The rest of the hot station may include stir-fried seafood, chicken, tofu, vegetables, shortribs. I think there are generally about 8 cold dishes and 16 or more hot dishes. In addtion, two types of soups, one of which is always miso, the other usually a spicy beef and scallion soup. Lastly, there's a selection of sushi that I don't bother with.

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          Thanks for the detailed description. That sounds like more food and more $ than I want to commit for lunch, but if the food is good and kept fresh, it sounds like it might be a decent deal.

    2. A 10 minute drive from Tysons to Merrifield will get you to Merrifield Kabob on Lee Highway. I can only describe this place as a dive. It is a hookah bar by night. During the day, when the lights are on, it's not a pretty place. But I would rate the food very good.

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        It has a buffet? I may have to try that.

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          Yep, not a huge selection, but very tasty any time I've been there.